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Film Noir Favorites Streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime

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Hi everybody,


If you're looking for Film Noir flicks to watch between Fridays on TCM there are quite a few streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime. A quick search revealed Scarlet Street, Raw Deal, You Only Live Once and My Gun is Quick on Netflix and Cry Danger, Pitfall and T-Men on Amazon Prime.


If you find others, please feel free to post them here.

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I have been a Amazon Prime member since January 2015. I have watched THE MAN WHO CHEATED HIMSELF,I WALK ALONE,THE TURNING POINT,HOUSE BY THE RIVER,CRY DANGER,DARK CITY,ROPE OF SAND,UNION STATION,ROPE OF SAND, and CAPTAIN CAREY CAREY U.S.A.A few of these films may not be complete noirs, but they do have some noir elements in them. My two favorite noirs were CRY DANGER with Dick Powell, Rhonda Fleming, Richard Erdman, and William Conrad. DP had already made four noirs, and he had the roughness and the tough talk down pat. I especially enjoyed his scenes with Dick Erdman as his pal, and William Conrad as his adversary.I WALK ALONE is the second film that Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas costarred in. Burt takes thefall in a bootleg deal. Kirk keeps all of the profits, and he opens a new nightclub. Lizbeth Scott is the club`s singer. Burt is released, and he comes back to get his half. I liked the tension between Burt and Kirk, and Lizbeth comes between. Prime has more noirs that I haven`t seen yet.

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On Netflix:Scarlet Street (already mentioned, I know), The House on Telegraph Hill (maybe barely qualifies as noir, but I really like it, so I'm listing it!)


On Amazon Prime: Scarlet Street, The Stranger, I Walk Alone. Not so impressed with their selection.


On Hulu Plus: The Bad Sleep Well, Diabolique, Elevator to the Gallows, High and Low (does this count? I love it, so I'm listing it!), The Killers (both versions),The Killing, Kiss Me Deadly, Pickup on South Street (love this movie so much!), The Third Man. HuluPlus has all of the Criterion movies, so there are a ton of noir and neo-noirs on there.


Anyone on here seen Kurahara's I Am Waiting? It's on Hulu and it looks really interesting.

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