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Death Takes No Holiday -- The Obituary Thread

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Francesco “Nino” Castelnuovo, the Italian actor who starred in the Palme D’Or winner “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg” and the Best Picture Oscar winner “The English Patient,” died on Monday after a long battle with illness, his family announced. He was 84.

Born in Lombardy, Castelnuovo took on blue-collar jobs like house painting and mechanic work before traveling to Milan and enrolling in the Piccolo Teatro acting school. In 1957, he got his start as an actor as a mime on a children’s TV show and five years later, got his first taste of Hollywood via Walt Disney in “Escapade in Florence,” a mini-movie that aired on the “Disneyland” TV show starring Disney regulars Annette Funicello and Tommy Kirk.

But Castelnuovo’s big break came in 1964 with “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg,” a sung-through romantic drama directed by Jacques Demy. Castelnuovo starred alongside Catherine Deneuve as a teenage couple forced apart by the Algerian War. As time goes on, the two find love elsewhere, but are unexpectedly reunited years later.

The film became a cult classic and was named by Damien Chazelle as a major inspiration for his Oscar-winning classic “La La Land.”

After starring in a handful of Italian films in the 60s, Castelnuovo transitioned to TV and got steady work in Italian series and commercials as well as in theater. In 1996, he made a brief return to the global cinema stage in “The English Patient” as an archeologist in flashback scenes recounting the life of Count Almasy, a man dying of grievous burns in the final days of World War II and played by Ralph Fiennes.


Castelnuovo made his final film performance in 2016 in the sports film “The Legacy Run.”



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George Wein
George Wein, one of the great impresarios of 20th century music who helped found the Newport jazz and folk festivals and set the template for gatherings everywhere from Woodstock to the south of France, has died at 95. Sept. 13, 2021, at 9:01 p.m.
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I saw him live in Boston 3-4 years ago. He was the same as he was on TV, hilarious. 

Interestingly, his opener was absolutely abysmal. That was not on purpose. You want your opener to be good. To warm up the crowd. This guy was totally forgettable and did nothing for Norm's act. Nevertheless, McDonald who must have known the guy bombed in front of him, came out and killed...right from the opening joke and kept it up for over an hour.  

I love stand up. I can go back to when I was a kid. I watched the Ed Sullivan Show just to watch the comedians. Norm Crosby, Jack Benny, Flip Wilson, Jose Jimenez, Jackie Mason...on and on.

Later it would be the Steve Martins and Albert Brook's. 

Up until the last few years I would never miss SNL.

Norm McDonald, Martin and Dennis Miller have always been at the top of my list. RIP Norm.




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Fran Bennett, Actress and Longtime CalArts Voice and Acting Teacher, Dies at 84


Joel Rapp, Sitcom Writer on ‘McHale’s Navy’ and ‘Gilligan’s Island,’ Dies at 87


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Jane Powell has died at 92; the actress appeared in musical classics such as Royal Wedding and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Jane Powell has died at 92 … actress appeared in musical classics such as Royal Wedding

Actress Jane Powell, best known for appearing in the MGM musicals Royal Wedding and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, has died at 92 from natural causes. Family friend and spokesperson Susan Granger confirmed to Deadline Thursday that Powell had passed away at her Wilton, Connecticut home. She had formerly lived in the home with late husband Dick Moore, an actor/publicist who passed away in 2015.

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Actress and author Joan Howard Maurer has passed away. She died in Sept. 21 at age 94.

She was the daughter of Three Stooges actor Moe Howard. She appeared in about ten films herself as a child actress in the 1930s, between 1934 and 1939. She appeared in films with such stars as Shirley Temple, Humphrey Bogart, Jean Hersholt, and The Three Stooges. But her film career was more her Dad's idea than hers and she was never really interested in being a movie actress. So in 1939 she told her Dad she wanted to retire from acting.

She later wrote books on The Three Stooges and was a very popular guest at conventions and other Three Stooges events.

She was a good friend of mine, since meeting her in 1987, and I'll miss her very much.

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I don't know how many people here watch YouTube videos, but one story popped up moments ago that said:

"R.I.P.  We Are Extremely Sad To Report About The Tragic Death Of"  The video is 2:31 long and the thumbnail had three people posing on it (Kirstie Alley, Robert Guillaume, and David Ogden Stiers).  I knew the two men were deceased, so I thought the video was about Kirstie Alley.  When I clicked it, the story was about David Ogden Stiers, who passed away in March, 2018!!!

There were 12 comments about the video when I first tuned in to it.  A couple of rubes said, "Great actor, he'll be missed" and "I really liked him on MASH".  Most others said stuff like, "Why are you putting this video out now, the guy's been dead for 3 years!".  Another person blocked the channel after castigating them for the misinformation, which apparently, this particular channel is known for.

The name of the channel is Nene Star News, in case anyone comes across it.  It was really a stupid post by whomever operates that channel, and the voice of the person doing the narration didn't sound natural at all; more like some canned recording.  It was very strange.

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It's probably a computer voice you're hearing, MIDWESTAN. 

And in other news . . . VICTOR BUONO, HARVEY LEMBECK, HANS CONRIED and PAUL LYNDE have all passed on. 

I admit I'm a little late reporting it . . . they all died between January 1 and January 10, 1982. 

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Ruthie was a pistol right up until the end! What a joy to have known her if but a second in the timeline of her life.

I once asked her if she was tired of people asking her the secret to longevity and she said, YES!  We spoke for a while and then she wanted to go watch football. "It's action!", she said. It was always a special treat just to see her.

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