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Comedies At Loew's Jersey Oct 8 - Marx Bros, Monty Python & Dr Strangelove!


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The Loew's Jersey Theatre is proud to open its new film season with the following comedy classics!


For more information see http://www.loewsjersey.org , and to see our calendar page, see http://www.loewsjersey.org/calendar.php




Saturday, October 8 at 3:30 PM

Horse Feathers

Starring Groucho, Harpo, Chico & Zeppo Marx. (1932 - 67 mins - B&W)

(Not rated, but suitable for all ages.)

Ostensibly a parody of the college films that were popular at the time, Horse Feathers finds Groucho Marx to be the latest in a long line of Presidents at the failing Huxley College. To save his school, Groucho decides to reverse its sorry record on the gridiron. To do this, he recruits Harpo and Chico, whom he mistakes for football stars, with hilariously awful results. But in truth, the plot doesn't matter that much, since Horse Feathers is really an attack on everything conventional - including plot. The movie revels in anarchy, and elevates the non-sequitur to an art form. Considered by fans to be one of the best of the Marx Brothers' movies.


A classic Three Stooges short will be screened with Horse Feathers.


Saturday, October 8 at 7:10PM

Monty Python & the Holy Grail

Starring Graham Chapman, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, John Cleese. Directed by Terry Gilliam & Terry Jones. (1974 - 89 mins - Color) The British comedy troupe of Monty Python was among the most worthy of successors to the Marx Brothers' tradition of remorselessly and hilariously shattering the conventional. Monty Python & the Holy Grail sets up the familiar legend of King Arthur, complete with realistic armor and other period costumes and excellently selected exterior locations in Scotland - and riddles it with an unending barrage of non-sequiturs, slapstick, sight gags, anachronistic one-liners and undiluted madness. Monty Python & the Holy Grail will be screened at the Loew's in a restored print!


Saturday, October 8 at 9:10 PM

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Starring Peter Sellers, George C. Scott, Sterling Hayden, Slim Pickens, Keenan Wynn, James Earl Jones. Directed & Co-written by Stanley Kubrick.

In 1964, at the height of the Cold War, Stanley Kubrick dared to make a movie about what could happen if the wrong person pushed the wrong button - and played the nightmare for laughs. A demented American general sends a B-52 loaded with atomic bombs to attack Russia - in retaliation for the fluoridation of water. The plane is piloted by an Air Force Major who is all too happy to be plunging into "Nuclear combat! Toe to toe with the Russkies!" Meanwhile, the US President, cloistered with his top advisors, including a super-hawk general and a mysterious civilian advisor with a German accent who is in the habit of saying "Mein Fuhrer" instead of "Mr. President," are trying to figure out how to get the Kremlin to over-look being bombed by a rogue American plane.

Dr. Strangelove will be screened at the Loew's in a restored print.


Admission for each screening is $6 for adults/$4 for seniors and children 12 and under

Combo ticket for 2 screenings: $10 for adults/$6 for seniors & children

Super-combo ticket for all 3 screenings: $15 for adults/$10 for seniors & children

One FREE popcorn is included with the purchase of a super combo ticket


The Landmark Loew's Jersey Theatre presents its classic films on a 50 foot wide screen using carbon arc illumination for the brightest, whitest light.


The Loew's Jersey Theatre, located at 54 Journal Square, Jersey City, is easily reached by car or mass transit from throughout the Metropolitan Area.


Discount off-street parking is now available in the adjoining Square Ramp Garage. Patrons present a coupon as they exit the garage. Coupon provided at our box office.


For directions or additional information, call (201) 798-6055 or visit www.loewsjersey.org


Classic Film Weekends at the Landmark Loew's Jersey Theatre are presented by Friends of the Loew's, Inc., which operates the Loew's as a non-profit arts center.


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