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Them! and Joan Weldon June 18


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This is one of the best of the '50's Sci Fi movies.  One interesting fact is this is Joan Weldon's best role.  She appeared in some other movies and TV shows, such as Perry Mason.

Also, she was in an automobile advertising promo for 1953 Packard.  The contest was to give her a new name (new starlet) and win a Packard.  Don't know how the contest came out, but she never changed her name.

I believe she went back to singing in nightclubs (her forte) in later 50's.

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I thought her best role was as that doctor - I hafta agree with Arness: "If she's the kind that takes care of sick people, I think I'll get a fever real quick."


Without much on-screen action, this film's opening is thrilling, captivating - an absolute hook-line-and-sinker of a beginning. 


It's got a terrific supporting cast, drifting in for a bit of scene, here or there.  William Shallert, practicing a skill he'd use to always befuddle him - looking the wrong direction at the right time.  Ann Doran as one of the nurses, oh so concerned about the beaker of formic acid.  Leonard Nimoy.  Richard Deacon.  Willis Bouchey.  Dub Taylor standing accused to allow thieves to make off with tons of sugar from 'his' railyard.  Fess Parker and Olin Howland are handed huge roles in comparison. 


But certainly my favorite remains Harry Wilson in the drunk tank.  "Please - my noives!!"


Of course, we're all glad he got better so he could be at Rigoletto's with "Spats" Raft in 1960.  What a great alibi.


And finally, I am reminded that Whitmore gets his share of notable lines.  When Dr. Joan sees the inside of the nest, she says that it's held together with saliva.  Whitmore: "Yeah, spit's about all that's holding me together now, too."


For a film with such crappy monster FX, it's a testament that the film's good points let us buy in and enjoy the ride.

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How about the female scientist going out into the desert in a dress suit and high heel shoes. Jeez.


Well ladies, what's wrong with the idea of a women going TO a location that IS hot, i.e. "the desert", if perhaps she wants to LOOK "hot" too,  HUH?!!!


(...I mean, high heels always make those legs look SO much longer and sexier, ya know!!!) LOL



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I wrote down the synopsis that Charter Cable posted for Them. I thought it was kinda cool.


Atomic-bomb testing spawns an army of giant mutant ants that march through the storm drains of Los Angeles.


AND, as I've said more than few times around here, WHY are they ALWAYS tryin' to destroy my old home town of L.A. in the movies, HUH???!!!


I mean, if it WASN'T those damn Martians tryin' to do that in '53, it was these damn giant ANTS or some OTHER major freakin' catastrophe like a massive earthquake! I mean, just look at what was a big hit movie again RECENTLY! 


Yep, poor ol' L.A.


(...I really think this all stems from the rest of country being envious the great weather out there, and so it seems to always "plays well in Peoria" when L.A. is screwed over...but that's just MY theory here, of course!!!) ;)

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