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Looking for film made probably in 70s or 80s


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Not exactly a really old classic film but here goes the description as well as I can remember.

A college guy falls for and marries a college girl. College girl's roommate is crazy about college guy's roommate. College guy's roommate gets to graduation, has been watching this girl make moo cow eyes over him for a year and decides to get to know her. He finds out there is no "there there" and dumps her. She is rather boring. But he doesn't have the guts to tell her he is dumping her, He just  gets a job post graduation in a remote western town (Texas??) and leaves town. He meets another girl who is pretty and who has a "there there". They get married. Then the guy starts to climb the executive ladder at work very quickly. He decides to go to grad school at night to go up even faster. His new wife thought she was the center of the guy's universe but instead his job has become his passion. Since she just has a high school grad minimum wage job that is dead end she cannot relate. Eventually she has an affair and one night  the guy comes in and discovers her with her lover. He considers divorce but thinks his religion demands that he forgive her and keep going. Problem is he never really lets it go. He does though immediately get her pregnant - a couple of times - to keep her busy and away from any affairs while he continues to ignore her and go up that corporate ladder. They move to a bigger city when he gets promoted to a very high position. His wife resents the fact he never really forgave her but claims he did and digs at her about the affair from time to time. She resents being ignored and gains a great deal of weight. She decides to go back to college and discovers that at age 40 she likes it. She graduates with honors and decides to go to med school. Problem is she has to move to do this. She thinks of a brilliant plan. She tells her hubby either they are moving to wherever she can get into med school or they are getting a divorce. She knows hubby will never quit the job he loves so much and she is right. Thus she gets the divorce she has really wanted for a long time and is able to tell herself that it was his doing not hers. She moves to Florida?? (I think) and goes to med school on her husband's alimony and half of their assets which are considerable after 20 years of her ex being an exec. Meanwhile hubby is now less his wealth, less his wife, and minus his daughter since wife took her with her. He thinks about the girl he dumped in college and decides to find her and if not make up with her, at least apologize for his treatment of her 25 years before. He finds out she was killed by a random stranger  in a home invasion robbery in her home apartment about a month after he got married. Her last words were about him. She has been dead for 25 years. I think that is the end, I just remember the end was a bummer. This is probably an indy film because I didn't recognize anybody in it and it came on late at night. They did not use the term "home invasion" because it did not exist at the time - those are my words. I saw it in the 80s on cable in Dallas in the middle of the night just that once, but it really grabbed me, especially the ending. Does anybody else remember this movie too? If so, what is its name?

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