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hard to find movies

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i get aggravated when i see a movie on TCM that i really like, only to find out they don't sell it on the website.


how do you guys get a hold of some of these movies?


i'm really trying to get several movies with Marian Marsh in them, but i'm having no luck.


i've tried eBay which is so/so, but i'm just wondering if there is something else out there.



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Also try moviesunlimited.com or amazon.com but sometimes the movie may NOT be available on DVD or VHS.

Keep checking this site,sometimes there are movie alerts.

The hardest thing about loving classics is finding them available for your personal collection.



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Your best bet would be to just get a DVD recorder and record them for yourself. Very good DVRs can be had for less than $200 these days and the best blank DVDs are around .50 a piece when purchased online. It seems that that digitizing the old classics has taken a back seat to issuing entire TV sitcom series runs from the 70s and 80s...so this is probably your only option.

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Hi, steelydeely,


Sometimes old films are not made easily available by studios, but I know that some films, while they never received an official release on VHS or DVD, are "public domain" and people make copies of them and sell them on ebay; that's how I've gotten a lot of my old films. I don't really know how the whole "public domain" thing really works, or how people are able to get the films to make the copies, but I'm not complaining if I can get a hold of some of the rarer films. Unfortunately, on ebay, the rarer films that are otherwise extremely difficult to get, can become really pricey. I've been trying to get a copy of "The Story of Temple Drake" with Miriam Hopkins, and whenever a copy goes up for bid the price can get up to like $60!

I don't know a lot about Marian Marsh films, but I hope you find the ones you're looking for!


Good luck,

Carrie :-)

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Try requesting a movie. I actually have taped several Marian Marsh movies (I like her too) off TCM: FIVE STAR FINAL, UNDER EIGHTEEN (my fav), SVENGALI, BEAUTY AND THE BOSS, so I know they show them. Try keeping your eye out for Tuesday mornings--in the wee hours. Pre-Codes are often shown then, for some reason.


Best of luck...hang in there.

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