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Your Three Favorite Actresses of All Time

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6 hours ago, KirkAndKarloff said:

My three favorite actresses are Lauren Bacall, Barbara Stanwyck, and Merle Oberon.

I have an online FRIEND, now turned author & go to FB to locate him, his og the works MICHAEL F. BLAKE-(looks a lot lie Wilford Brimley) He & I always correspond & sent each other pictures in his msg, all of a sudden folks soon as his COWBOY, HOLLYWOOD MAKE-UP-(he & his father were make-up artists & if you go over his page both, mostly his pop, worked with almost all the heavyweights, doing their make-up) Now he gives most, including myself of all people, because we were pretty tight-(NOTE: JUST REMEMBERED ON AN IN BETWEEN SUPER TCM TRBUTE, I THINK TO JW & WESTERNS, BLAKE APPEARS FIRST TIME EVER IN TV, Watch for it, ) Not certain but I also think Michael was a fellow card-carrying member of REEL COWBOYS,.ORG-(fan club & again, a marvelously crafted site!) CYNDI TRACY-(relative of the GREAT: TRACY & I were ultra pals & not just online, spoke on the phone & more) Cyndi got me in FREE to REEL COWBOYS, even getting huge envelopes from them in snail-mail & topper being membership card) For the record CYNDI TRACY-(l961-) was the then wife of SPENCER'S grandson  JOE TRACY-(l955-) Not a good guy, where she was cool & more cared about SPENCER by far then he ever did)  Pint being MICHAEL'S ALL-TIME TOP 5-6 FAv. STARS ARE>CHANEY, SR.-(make-up again & his ultimate idol), JOHN WAYNE, CAGNEY, TRACY &STANWYCK-(the sole female)

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On 9/4/2015 at 9:25 PM, JamesStewartFan95 said:

1. Audrey Hepburn

2. Ingrid Bergman

3. Grace Kelly


though the Academy adores *Streep the most, critics*Kate, but insiders always go for *Bergman

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Well, difficult choice, nasty choice actually! How can one come up with just three when there are so many wonderful actresses out there. However, here are my three:

Lauren Bacall

Barbara Stanwyck

Meryl Streep

Sorry, I can't help it, I have to add Deborah Kerr

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On 9/7/2019 at 11:01 PM, LKitten16 said:

1 Bette Davis




2 Barbara Stanwyck


3 Olivia de Havilland

Hey,  are you me?    

That is my top 3 and after over a decade at this forum I have yet to see anyone else with the exact same line-up.

I have seen Davis and Stanwyck being in other's top-3 but not DeHavilland also.

I like these three for different reasons but one common one is all three typically played strong female characters.    

Even Olivia when she was just being used mainly for fluff in Warner Brothers Flynn action films.


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On 12/26/2015 at 5:22 PM, AndyM108 said:

1. STANWYCK, by a mile. No other actress is even close.



2. Davis


3. Harlow


Of course I HAVE to expand it to include


4. Crawford

5. Lupino


And then these, in no particular order between 6 & 10:


Judy Davis



Jeanne Moreau



And very close:








I didn't include character actresses, since they're in a different category.  But I can't not mention Glenda and Joan, the Queens of the Gumsnapper Set.





Not Tryin' to be a Prickley-Pear Cactus with Your #1 Here Mr; but thats a subjective imo,.

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Im .. Gonna Cheat.. 😬😶😬😬😬

*yet again.. . ...


& Go With FOUR...









..iGuess..... .. . 😑😬


Maureen O'Hara.

Arlene Dahl.

Rhonda Fleming.

Dorothy McGuire.



. ... ..

AND Glynis Johns if im Gonna Whine, Moan. And Plead Being Blind AND Deaf..

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On 11/4/2015 at 11:23 AM, NickAndNora34 said:

1. Myrna Loy

2. Ida Lupino

3. Vivien Leigh

has it really been almost 6 years since i posted this, boy, how times change. As of right now, it's 
1. Cate Blanchett 

2. Julianne Moore 

3. Allison Janney 

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