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To tcmprogrammer,etc Why has TCM stopped adds for new releases-("Movie News


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This was 1 I kinda' waited & saw before even casting

an opinion on it. However, since January of 2002 TCM has been-(during it's monthly "Movie News")

Had at least 1-(sometimes 2 at most) current new releases in theatres that month.

That 1st month, was: "About Schmidt" (***1/2) & I thought it a fine idea. Especially, considering the network was for the most pt only giving a plug to a family oriented/mainstream & or likely major OSCAR contending new motion picture-(as that 1 was for 02)


However, the last 2 months, they toally ignored-(left-out) a couple new flix at local theaters, that some on here may enjoy?-(it's last I believe was "Charlie, and Chocolate Factory")

But, it skipped August & September & to top things off, there are a couple adult/family type fare that many may want to check-out?


"An Unfinished Life" (***-out of 4) Long delayed, but a fine film & I was especially taken-back on this 1 due to it starring "Living-Legend: Robert Redford"-(1937-)

(For those wanting to go & check this 1 out. You better hurry, it's ridiculously just now made $5m?) & no-matter what many say, a true "Movie Theatre"-(not a jammed-in cineplex) still tops, no-matter the sound-system 1 may own in it's own home! Plus, the latter movie has "Bart the Bear, 11"-(for those of whom remember, his daddy-(or mommy?) "Bart " was massive & appeared in quite a few flix>"The Bear"/"Legends of the Fall" & "The Edge" Sadly, he passed away in 2000, at age 26.

& only a couple more, that they literally missed the boat on-(NOTE: & remember, I love "Studio-System Era,' the most-(1940's)

Peter Falk-(1927-) is in fine form,in current: "Thing About My Folks" (**1/2) Though I'm not so certain he will earn a 3rd OSCAR nod as many have suggested?-(P.S. A better performance by Mr. Falk aka: "Columbo" to be rented-(it's often on tv) 1995's "Roommates")


There are a # of new stuff, that I wouldn't dare suggest TCM even bother to advertize. Once in awhile, there is something though & especially, this fall-(OSCAR season has kinda' shifted)


Watch for: "Memoirs of a Geisha"-(this looks the type already, that may lead the field. Come nominations for 78th Annual ACADEMY AWARDS)

"Walk the Line"-(last yr we had Ray Charles, this yr Johnny Cash!)

"Munich" (*Spielberg's take on '72 0lympics)

"Good Night, and Good Luck"-(this looks important, as well as being good. About Edward R. Murrow's battle against McCarthy! It won't do big $$$ 1 reason, it's in B & W)


Thank You

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