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Nipkowdisc reviews cult of the cobra


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the svengoolie offering last saturday. I have never watched it before last saturday. I always passed on it for some reason. then again it was never on too many channels in my viewing area either. a pretty sub-par feature if you ask me. marshall thompson who is usually pretty square jawed heroic in these things is a pretty wishy-washy sap here. some G.I.s including daktari, nanny's professor and richard kimble get into a local snake-worship temple courtesy of some roadside snake charmer who needs a few bucks. no cameras mind you. out comes the flash-equiped brownie and a ruckus ensues with ed platt primed and ready with "one by one you will all die!" a few months later lovely faith domergue as the cobra babe shows up in the states to exact revenge. what has she been doing all her life I wonder. putting the bite on boyfriends who doan make the grade? :huh: the only sap who I enjoyed seeing getting his payback was jack kelly. jim garner could be ingratiating on maverick all he wanted but kelly was just irritatingly muggy. kimble the italian gets his bite in his own bowling alley. william reynolds figures the whole revenge deal out and confronts the cobra babe in her apartment. what's he do? waits for her to change so she can come out and bite him. smart. thompson snoozes on her couch in her place but she doesn't put the bite on him. falling in love with him I guess. big showdown in the theatre. daktari takes on his girl with a chair and chucks her out a window. the only imaginative scene in the whole film ensues with a shot of the cobra babe glowing on the street below as she metamorphosizes back to human form with the lovelorn daktari with bowed head at her side.


compared to this The Thing That Couldn't Die is a masterpiece.

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