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Any Gregory Peck fans?

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Hi! I'm new here. I wanted to know if there are any Gregory Peck fans here? The guy is just so great! I am so sad that he passed away in 2003. But he left behind a wonderful legacy and so many wonderful films.


If you are a Greg fan, what are your favorite movies of his?


My top 3 are:

To Kill a Mockingbird

Roman Holiday

The Yearling

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You bet there's Gregory Peck fans here. Eschewing a long-winded statement about why I like Peck, I'd happily state I strongly urge anyone who hasn't viewed On the Beach, Twelve O'Clock High, The Bravados, The Big Country, Pork Chop Hill or The Purple Plain to do so. I particularly think The Big Country is one of Peck's finest performances and perfectly illustrates the problems with the usual 'he-men' characterizations in most Hollywood films. Peck's stalwart image was nowhere better glimpsed than in that film as a rational, decent man thrust into a world of brutes and violent types. The new DVD of To Kill a Mockingbird has a wonderful documentary about Peck and it's a fine testament to one of the most intelligent, original actors to grace the screen.

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You must be talking about the documentary "A Conversation with Gregory Peck" aren't you 'johnny'? Yes that is so nice. I don't know how many times I have watched it, I love it so much. He always seemed to be a very private man when it came to his family and home life, which is a good thing. But in this documentary he shows you a bit of his homelife and family life. It shows everything from the Peck family at Gregory's home to the birth of his grandson Harper Daniel Peck. It was just so nice to see that family man side to him.


But of course I also enjoyed the questions from the audience. It is always interesting to hear what answer Gregory gives.

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Hi GPfan,


I too am certainly a Gregory Peck fan. In fact he is my favourite male movie star.

I think he could do anything - drama, comedy, action, western and adventure.

I first saw him in "Captain Horatio Hornblower" and thought he was the perfect person to 'save the day'..... I'm sure Virginia Mayo thought so too!!!!!!


My favourite female movie star is Sophia Loren and I am happy to say that I witnessed her giving Gregory Peck his Oscar in 1963 from backstage. And then, after I congratulated him, they both smiled at me as they passed me on their way to the press gallery.

Also, I love their movie together, "Arabesque", even though it is light weight entertainment. It's a good, exciting film and lots of fun!!!!


Last Monday afternoon, a friend and I were driven around Beverly Hills and Bel-Aire, as I revisited old stomping grounds and I'm glad to report that Gregory Peck's old home on Carolwood Drive is still there, intact, (unlike a lot of other stars' houses)... I don't know whether the Peck family still lives there or even owns it now though.



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I too like Gregory Peck - my favorite role of his is The Valley of Decision, rather early in his career. I also loved him in Spellbound.

I don't have an awesome story like vecchiolarry does, but I did see him in California, about 2 years before he passed away. He was in a car by his home and he waved to us. I thought that was a nice gesture. From interviews and stories I have heard about him, he seemed to be a very nice man.

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I didn't know Gregory Peck had died, I must have missed that one. :-( I'm so sorry to hear that.


I JUST got done watching Gentleman's Agreement on FOX, great movie with Dorothy McGuire and John Garfield. And watched Guns of Navarone last night. He's a great actor - and has been in so many wonderful films, but like many people, I love To Kill a Mockingbird the most. His portral of Finch is fabulous. He also stars in my favorite western which is called The Gunfighter.

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And how! My favorite movie with him is Spellbound - I love it when he offers Ingrid Bergman a choice of sandwiches on their picnic, and she chooses liverwurst. His performance in The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit is very sensitive. A howlingly bad movie is Duel in the Sun, but he's fun in it as a "bad boy."

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My brother In-Law is a salesman for one of the bookstores and gets all of the movies old plus new releases and he always thinks of me for the old movies. He recently gave me the box set To Kill a Mockingbird with extra bonus features. I watched the interview with Gregory Peck I never really knew how gentle of a man he was. I fell in love with him again.

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