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Anyone know how to find TCM info for past/future dates of airings?


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In the past, whenever you searched for a film by title, when the page for that film would come up, it used to include info of when the film was last aired on TCM, and also if it was on the schedule for airing within the near future (as on the schedule).


This info is no longer given.


Does anyone know if there's another method of searching on the site to see if a particular title is due to be shown, and when it screened in the past, also?



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You can ask about previous airings just by posting here, or in the "Information Now!" subforum.  There are a number of posters here who keep track of this in different ways, and using different methods.  Unfortunately there is no official channel for this info.


TCM reveals their tentative schedule three months into the future, though anything could change at any time.  Future airings can be found either by clicking on the Monthly schedule link at the top, or by using variations of the example URL I have posted below.  Here is a current example of four months of URLs, with the month of July 2015 being the present month:





If entries in future months still don't appear correctly, try changing the day to some other number than "01".  (minor glitch I think).


As of this posting, October just hasn't been added yet.


Also, entries in previous months will gradually roll off and disappear as days go by.


P.S. In all its usefulness, the forum software truncated the sample URLs above, so here they are in case you just want to copy and paste them into a text document for future use:

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For past TCM showings, you can also enter in Google search field:

site:www.angelfire.com TCM

along with name of film you’re looking for. 

That website appears to contain a lot of their past monthly schedules.

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Thanks MovieCollector and Joe for you helpful links to track down past and future info on TCM airings. 


The link of upcoming films (for the next 3 months) is a good one because at least it allows a "Find" search for the whole month period and is really good if you're hoping that a specific film will be shown and want to check on it.


And the reason I asked about past screenings is because there are some obscure films I'm not sure if TCM has ever shown (like "One Third Of A Nation" or "Double Confession") and checking to see if they were ever shown in the past means there's a better chance that they might be shown again.


If anyone reads this topic who works for TCM, perhaps you might chime in as to why the information about past and future screenings for individual films no longer appears on the search result page for that film, if you happen to know that is.

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