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Classic Film PD/CC Images And Mentioning Programming In Newsletter


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Hi everyone,

I have a couple of questions that hopefully some of you classic film experts can help me with.


I have been a huge fan of classic films for years. I've also been a writer and am going to self-publish my work next year. To that end, I launched my author website which includes a blog where, among other topics, I write about classic films. Up until now, I've been using images from classic films from the usual places that have public domaine/Creative Commons images (Google images with filtering, Flickr with filtering, Wikimedia Commons). However, sometimes it's a challenge to find images that are in the public domain and that I can use. Since they're not like other images which are more general and easier to find (for example, if you're writing about computers, you can use a ton of images that are more general). These are creative works, so the copyright is very strict and I'm being extremely careful.


So are there other places besides the ones I mention above where you can find PD images from classic films and classic actors, directors, etc., that I can use that I just don't know about?


Also, I have an author newsletter that I want to send each month. Part of what I want to include, to try and encourage people to see more classic films, is a few recommendations of films that I've seen/liked that are showing on TCM each month. So, for example, if I send a newsletter for September, I want to check out the TCM schedule for that month, see what films I have seen and liked, and recommend them.


Am I allowed to do that without any legal ramifications? I would just be mentioning the film and probably linking to the TCMdB page for the film so people could check out more about it. I tried to ask this question on the TCM page on FB but never received an answer so I'm asking here, if anyone might know.


Thank you for your help!




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Unless the movie is in the PD, I expect the copyright owner of it will take a dim view of your using images if it in a publication without appropriate permission, usually with payment of royalties. As for TCM's schedule, I can't see any problem with a hyperlink.

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Am I allowed to do that without any legal ramifications? I


There's nothing wrong with saying that TCM is showing some film at a certain time and date and then adding your own comments about it. Obviously, you can mention details  like the title, year, running time, cast and director, since that kind of thing is readily available from many sources.


As long as you don't reprint anything specificly published by TCM,  like an entire listing or article in Now Playing magazine or online and you'll be just fine. :)

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