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hmmm, how about who or what....

Women Love Diamonds  (1927)
San Diego I Love You  (1944)
I Love You, Man  (2009)
Mama Loves Papa  (1933)
Love That Brute  (1950)
I Loved You Wednesday  (1933)
My Six Loves  (1963)
Ladies Must Love  (1933)
I Love You, Alice B. Toklas  (1968)
She Loved a Fireman  (1937)
Love Thy Neighbor (1940)
I Love A Mystery (1945)

I Love Trouble  (1948)  Image result for i love trouble 1948\

it doesn't exactly fit, but I do 💗 it:   Lovers and Other Strangers            Animated GIF

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❤❤ Scarlett O'Hara (Vivien Leigh) in Gone With the Wind (1939). When I tell people she is one of my favorite film characters most people look at me puzzled. I don't understand the hate for her, but it's there.. I think Vivien Leigh made her more likeable than she is in the book.

💜 Stanley Kowalski (Marlon Brando) in A Streetcar Named Desire (1951). This is one character I do not like, and every time I watch the film it seems to make my dislike more substantial. 

💙 Colonel Jim Herlihy (Efrem Zimbalist Jr.) in Bombers B-52 (1957). His character came off one way the whole film, then you find something out and he's not the bad guy you think he is. 

💚 Frank Cross (Bill Murray) in Scrooged (1988). Until the end, then he reforms into a decent human. 


❤ Michael Myers and 💛 Jason Voorhees are obvious ones you love to hate, so I didn't leave blurbs for them. 


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Edward Arnold as the corrupt party boss in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Gene Tierney as the overly possessive wife in Leave Her to Heaven

Glenn Close as the evil puppy fur hunter in 101 Dalmations

Fred MacMurray as the womanizing corporate man in The Apartment

Lionel Barrymore as the greedy Mr. Potter in It's a Wonderful Life

James Anderson as the racist, abusive father in To Kill a Mockingbird

Bette Davis is so good at being bad...as the schemer in The Little Foxes she coldly watches her husband have a heart attack  Animated GIF

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Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood (1973)

Gaston in Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Judge Doom in Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

Rene Belloq and Arnold Toht in Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Elmira Gulch/The Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz (1939)

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A few of them came over from Pathe, when RKO was formed in 1929.

Such as:

Ann Harding (a personal favorite)
Constance Bennett

Also, Richard Dix came over from Paramount and he made films at RKO from 1929 to 1943.

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George Cukor-- Discovered Katharine Hepburn for RKO and became her major director at RKO

George Stevens--" Alice Adams", "Swing Time"

Mark Sandrich-- Primary director for * Astaire and Rogers

Van Nest Polglase & Carroll Clark-- set design for Astaire and Rogers and Studio

Hermes Pan-- choreographer for Astaire and Rogers

Pandro S Berman-- producer for Astaire and Rogers and Studio head

Max Steiner-- Studio and music director for Astaire and Rogers 

*Astaire and Rogers were responsible for RKO getting out of receivership. In other words they saved the studio during the height of the Depression in the 1930s.

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1 hour ago, Princess of Tap said:

Van Nest Polglase -- set design for Astaire and Rogers and Studio

Glad you mentioned this overlooked guy! He was like MGM's counterpart Cedric Gibbons.

His name appears in the credits of all RKO's major prestige films from 1933 - 1941 (including CITIZEN KANE). 

Then according to his IMDb credits, he took time off from movies (maybe military service during the War?) and wound up at Columbia for a few years in the mid-40s. But he was back at RKO again in the mid-50s, during the studio's final years.

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