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one thousand six hundred ninety-first category


Nicholas Clay has quite a few scenes in black Speedos in EVIL UNDER THE SUN (1982).

BAYWATCH (2017). Lots of guys in Speedos on the beach in this flick.

The poster for HAUNTING ON FRATERNITY ROW (2018) features one of the stars in a pair of Speedos.

Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 3.48.44 PM.jpeg

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the diving team in Back to School (except, thankfully, Rodney Dangerfield) were in Speedos  Animated GIF

a couple of the guys in Swimming with Men wore them  Animated GIF

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I've gotta mention one completely dreadful movie from the 'Speedos' category yesterday:  BOARDINGHOUSE (1982).  The male lead oftentimes wanders about the house and his bedroom in a white Speedo.  He also gets to sleep with a lot of chicks.  This is an early, shot-on-video movie.  And it's as bad  as ones shot on video in the late '80s.  → If someone reading this is the type of person who enjoys watching amateurish garbage then this a movie for you!   Enjoy!  :)

I can't think of any movies filmed in VistaVision offhand in regards to today's topic.  Sorry! 

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since it was used by Paramount, mid to late 50's, I thought...Jerry Lewis

The Delicate Delinquent

The Geisha Boy

Rock-a-Bye Baby

Lil' Abner  Animated GIF

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Nice job yesterday!


one thousand six hundred ninety-third category

Based on a Pulitzer Prize winning play

OUR TOWN (1940)
PICNIC (1955)


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one of my favorites:  Harvey

original B'way cast:  Pooka Page: 'Harvey' - before the movie!

and the film version:  Harvey - Publicity still of James Stewart & Charles Drake

author Mary Chase, posing with her pookah  华人交流广场- 丹佛华人资讯网

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one thousand six hundred ninety-fourth category

Music documentaries

LET IT BE (1970)

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 6.44.22 PM.jpeg

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