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. . . tick . . . tick . . . tick . . .  (1970)

Learning Tree, The (1969)

Slaves (1969)

Badge 373 (1973)

Glory (1989)

A Soldier's Story (1984)

Night the City Screamed, The (1980-Tvm)

My Sweet Charlie (1970-Tvm)  Patty Duke, Al Freeman, Jr., Ford Rainey

Mandingo (1975) 

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Original Night of the Living Dead (think 1968) - I don't do flesh-eating zombies but I watched this many years ago.  The black man survives the night only to be shot.  I don't know how people feel about Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (sp? on Who's).

The original Imitation of Life and the idea of passing as white (plus the story of Freddie Washington) and, unlike the original, the pancake recipe is not Claudette Colbert's.  Song of the South also plays into stereotypes.  Did someone mention Mississippi Burning or the Matthew M. movie where he defends Samuel Jackson (it is based on a Grisham novel and my mind is drawing a blank right now).

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I want to mention to everyone that typically I brainstorm ideas for our daily categories a few months in advance. 

Unfortunately, when I came up with the idea for today's category back in March I had no idea how relevant it would be.

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HIDDEN FIGURES -- last year at the Hollywood Bowl they did a cool concert for the 50th Ann. of the Moon Landing with music and clips from space movies, plus space music like Holst's "The Planets." At the beginning they showed the clip from HIDDEN FIGURES when John Glenn needs his math checked before the launch. When he said "Ask the girl" (meaning Kathryn Goble Johnson), the entire crowd cheered. It felt really good to be in that crowd.


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A Family Affair --there was so much gossip about Judge Hardy's daughter Joan, she never returned to the series! 😁

Hot Saturday --gossip about Nancy Carroll  leads to  her losing her bank job

Steel Magnolias --the beauty shop is a hotbed of gossip

Personal Affair--disappearance of teen Glynis Johns causes town gossip affecting others

Sitting Pretty -- Clifton Webb stirs up lots of gossip, and even writes about it in a tell-all book  Animated GIF

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