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Mack Sennett not only produced and directed, but acted in many of his shorts.   Here he is playing himself in The Hollywood Kid (1924)

Animated GIF (maybe a little 'MGM' in the scene?)

Chester Conklin was a regular in comic shorts, often with Chaplin.  Here, from Those Love Pangs (1914)  Animated GIF

Ben Turpin, here in Asleep at the Switch (1923)  Animated GIF

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There is a subplot involving gypsies in BLANCHE FURY (1948). The first time we see them, Valerie Hobson pays a visit because they have set up camp on her family's land. Later her lover Stewart Granger commits murder and he decides to pin the killing on the gypsies since the ignorant townsfolk would be quick to believe it.

Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 9.36.38 AM

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Old gypsy lady Maria Ouspenskaya gives the bad news to The Wolf Man      Animated GIF


Thelma Todd's last film role, in The Bohemian Girl                                         Animated GIF


Lucy is 'The Queen of the Gypsies' in the operetta, "The Pleasant Peasant"  Animated GIF


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Great examples yesterday!


one thousand seven hundred seventy-fifth category

Ethnic families in America

Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 11.28.30 AM.jpeg

I REMEMBER MAMA (1948) Scandinavian Americans.
AMERICA AMERICA (1963) Greek Americans.
THE BROTHERHOOD (1968) Italian Americans.

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In America Poster


In America (2002)  Irish family in Hell's Kitchen 

The Emigrants (1971)  Swedish family comes to America

The Godfather:  Part II (1974)

Teresa (1951)  WWII soldier brings Italian war bride home to America

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