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43 minutes ago, LonesomePolecat said:

The Val Lewton movies  (is horror counting as a thriller or did you mean "suspense"?)

Suspense, suspense-thriller, sometimes the terms are synonymous. Your example is fine. :) 

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40 minutes ago, chaya bat woof woof said:


is there one in A Kiss Before Dying?

It's not a cliff exactly. Robert Wagner's character goes over the edge of a steep drop created as the result of copper strip mining. I guess you could call it an artificial cliff created by capitalism and copper! He pushes his first girlfriend off a tall building. I'm not aware of any other high structures in the film, but it's been several weeks since I last saw A Kiss Before Dying.

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Far From the Madding Crowd (1967) Gabriel Oak's poor sheep were driven off a cliff by one of his dogs


The Italian Job (1969)

Cliffhanger coach from The Italian Job ends its days in Fife | The Scotsman


Breaking Away (1979) 

Indiana limestone quarry made famous in movie Breaking Away gets filled in  | Daily Mail Online


The Road Runner and Wile E Coyote 

Pin by Karon Covington on Good Night | Morning cartoon, School cartoon,  Classic cartoon characters


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INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE -- the late great Sean Connery thinks Indy has gone over a cliff


Smeagol leads Frodo and Sam up a steep cliff in LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING


EVIL UNDER THE SUN  -- being seen on the edge of a cliff is an important part of the murder solution


There are mountain climbing movies like THE MOUNTAIN


Best mountain climbing movie though is THIRD MAN ON THE MOUNTAIN with lots of scary cliff scenes


Someone mentioned Cliff Diving, so naturally we gotta include POCAHONTAS


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Brilliant examples yesterday!


one thousand eight hundred eightieth category

Hooligans’ shenanigans


The Dead End Kids in THEY MADE ME A CRIMINAL (1939)
The Bowery Boys in LIVE WIRES (1946)
John Travolta and friends in GREASE (1978)

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The Original Hooligans, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn (pick your favorite film versions)


The Harlem Tuff Kids/Harlem Dead End kids in REFORM SCHOOL and TAKE MY LIFE




ANNIE -- some girl hooligans


NEWHART -- George Utley was part of a gang called the Vermont Hooligans (here they are at a rumble)


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THE SCARLET EMPRESS about Catherine the Great


WAXWORKS (1924) -- German expressionist film has a segment about Ivan the Terrible played by Conrad Veidt


HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER-- the late great Sean Connery writes a letter to the Kremlin

NINOTCHKA/SILK STOCKINGS -- orders from the Kremlin to go to Paris

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Excellent examples yesterday.


one thousand eight hundred eighty-second category

In two or more films with Margaret Rutherford


Stringer Davis (her real-life husband, who played her boyfriend in the Miss Marple movies)
Glynis Johns

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