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  • Sissi (1955)
  • Solomon and Sheba (1959)
  • Cleopatra (1963)
  • Lady Jane (1986)
  • The Madness of King George (1994)
  • Queen Margot (1994)
  • Marie Antoinette (2006)
  • The Other Boleyn Girl (2008)
  • The King's Speech (2010)
  • A Royal Affair (2013)

Mini-series: Elizabeth R (1971)


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VICTORIA miniseries


Recent BBC series THE CROWN does Shakespeare’s histories in historical order with consistent cast like a regular series, starting with Ben Whishaw as RICHARD II, going through HENRY IV parts 1&2, HENRY V, HENRY VI parts 1,2&3, and ending with Benedict Cumberbatch as RICHARD III

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Larainne Day flashes back to her childhood in The Locket                         Animated GIF

Ray Milland recalls meeting Jane Wyman in The Lost Weekend      Animated GIF

Henry Fonda recalls his past in The Long Night                                          Animated GIF

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The Palm Beach Story--Rudy Vallee as J.D. Hackensacker III                   Animated GIF

Miriam Hopkins as The Richest Girl in the World                                 f6d6238fd2df12bf5d9010a580317741.jpg

Christopher Plummer as J. Paul Getty in All the Money in the World  Animated GIF

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Joe's Palace and Capturing Mary (2007) -- BBC; companion films in which Michael Gambon plays agoraphobic billionaire, Eliot Graham. 

Forrest Gump (1994) -- because investing in a "fruit company" is lucrative 

Iron Man franchise (2008, 2010, 2013) -- Tony Stark, industrialist and weapons manufacturer

Gilligan's Island (1964-1967; TV movies 1978, 1979, 1981) -- Thurston Howell III 


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I couldn't think of any more real ones...but I did think of these:

Franco Corsaro as Vittorio Phillippi in I Love Lucy                                       Animated GIF


Francis Lederer as Vittorio Barrini in That Girl                                                     37e73768c8c0b2e606f38ac8c95e9b98.gif

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