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One Week (1920) -- spinning house


A Damsel in Distress (1937) -- spinning tube, spinning floor


Shall We Dance (1937) -- roller skates, circular ring


I Love Melvin (1953) -- more roller skates in a circle


The Four Hundred Blows (1959) -- spinning amusement park ride


My Sister Eileen (1942/1955) -- conga line


West Side Story (1961) -- dance at the gym ("'round she goes, and where she stops, nobody knows")


8-1/2 (1963) -- final scene


The Third Man (1949) -- ferris wheel


Superman (1978) -- turning back time


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the Universal opening logo---a plane going around the earth...which s also going around   Animated GIF

Casino Royale--round bed, going around  Animated GIF

Strangers on a Train--going around gets out of contro                            l  Animated GIF

round and round used to hypnotize...The Woman in Green...  the popular whirlygig thing method  Animated GIF

and the swirling water   Animated GIF

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The Marriage-Go-Round (1961)


To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)



Sun Valley Serenade (1941) -- and anything else Sonja Henie was in



Bronco Billy (1980) -- she looks nervous



auto racing -- Ford v Ferrari (2019), Days of Thunder (1990), Stroker Ace (1983), etc.



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The Wizard of Oz (1939) -- house spinning


The Great Ziegfeld (1936) -- rotating set


Royal Wedding (1951) -- dancing on the ceiling (he eventually completes a counter-clockwise, 360-degree journey)


Monte Carlo (1930) -- roulette wheel (see also Casablanca, California Split, Croupier)


Psycho (1960) -- whirlpool (also many films titled Whirlpool)


Batman TV series -- camera spins for scene transitions (see also "Girl Hunt" ballet in The Band Wagon, whenever Fred Astaire is knocked out by bad guys)


Seabiscuit (2003) -- horse racing


Prefontaine (1997) -- human racing


2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) -- infinite jogging


Marooned (1969) -- trapped in orbit




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7 hours ago, Fausterlitz said:

Monte Carlo (1930) -- roulette wheel (see also Casablanca, California Split, Croupier)





Other movies with roulette wheels include MEET ME IN LAS VEGAS, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL GUNFIGHTER, BLACKBEARD'S GHOST, and VIVA LAS VEGAS where Elvis dances on one

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Some movie songs that fit --

"Don't Get Around Much Anymore" by Duke Ellington, heard in many movies including A HATFUL OF RAIN

"The Merry-Go-Run-Around" from ROAD TO BALI

"The Second Time Around" from HIGH TIME

"Round and Round" by Perry Como, heard in many movies including BLAST FROM THE PAST

"Round and Round" from THE FANTASTICKS

"Turn the World Around," sung by Harry Belafonte on THE MUPPET SHOW

"Just Around the Riverbend" from POCAHONTAS

"Not While I'm Around" from SWEENEY TODD

And multiple movie songs from the Sons of the Pioneers such as "Round-up in the sky" and "Round-up time is over"

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From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler (1973, 1995) -- Claudia and Jamie run away from home and live in the Metropolitan Museum 

Vertigo (1958) -- the Legion of Honor in San Francisco

Blackmail (1929) -- the British Museum

House of Wax (1953) -- Vincent Price's creepy wax museum

How to Steal a Million (1966) -- in the film it's supposed to be Musée Carnavalet, but the set was modeled after the Musée Jacquemart-André

On the Town (1949) --  the American Natural History Museum

Museum Hours (2012) -- the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna

Manhattan (1979) -- the Guggenheim Museum

The Thomas Crown Affair (1999) -- the Metropolitan Museum of Art


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