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Christian  Bale    Ashton  Kutcher   Lana  Turner   Tallulah  Bankhead   Jeanne  Moreau    Kim  Novak   Carmen  Miranda   Laura Dern   Jennifer  Aniston   Rene  Russo    Diane  Lane       Heather  Graham   Geena  Davis   Mia   Farrow    Farrah  Fawcett   Cybill  Shepherd

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Kansas -- 29 January 1861


Also from 29 January:

Paddy Chayefsky                                    Dorothy Malone

W. C. Fields                                                 Victor Mature

John Forsythe                                           John Raitt

Heather Graham                                     Katherine Ross

Ann Jillian                                                    Tom Selleck

Ernst Lubitsch                                           Oprah Winfrey








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two thousand three hundred fortieth category

Remakes in the silent era


TESS OF THE STORM COUNTRY (1922) is a remake of Mary Pickford’s earlier version from 1914.

SEVEN KEYS TO BALDPATE (1917) had already been made a year earlier in Australia.

THE VIRGINIAN (1923) was previously filmed in 1914.

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Uncle Tom's Cabin: 1903, 1910 (shorts); 1914, 1918, 1927 (features)

Oliver Twist: 1909, 1912 (two versions), 1916, 1919, 1922 (Jackie Coogan/Lon Chaney)

David Copperfield: 1911 (short); 1913, 1922 (features)

Robin Hood: 1908, 1912 (two versions), 1913 (two versions) (all shorts); 1922 (Douglas Fairbanks feature)

Frankenstein: 1910 (short), 1915 ("Life Without Soul"), 1920 ("The Monster of Frankenstein", an Italian version)

The Wizard of Oz: 1910 (short); 1914 ("The New Wizard of Oz" aka "His Majesty, the Scarecrow of Oz"--actually more of a sequel), 1925

Tess of the d'Urbervilles: 1913, 1924 (Blanche Sweet)

Treasure Island: 1918, 1920 (Lon Chaney)

The White Sister: 1915, 1923 (Lillian Gish)

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