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Film Noir at the Film Forum in NYC

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I had the privilege of seeing both "M" and "The Third Man" at the Film Forum this past week. I thought "The Third Man" was excellent! The score and the cinematography have most definitely made an indelible impression on me, not to mention the magnificent final shot. It’s certainly the best film ending I’ve seen to date, and I’m not sure if it could ever be equaled. Knowing the history of the film noir genre, I’m glad I saw "The Third Man" when I did.  As for "M", I was disappointed and would not consider it a film noir. Though, Peter Lorre delivers a tremendous performance. Won't ruin it for those who haven't seen the film but was anyone reminded of Charles Laughton's performance in The Hunchback of Notre Dame? 


Will any New Yorkers be catching "Army of Shadows "or "Rififi" at the Film Forum? Would be a fun meet-up. 



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I attended both 'Rififi' and 'Army of Shadows' that festival. Was it specifically a noir fest? Or was it just some kind of crime gala?

You can find some kooks at that venue. I remember one little guy specifically crept across the aisle to me and my woman prior to a film's rolling and wanted to make some kind of 'pact' with me 'not to create any noise during the film'. He wanted me to swear not to rustle my paper popcorn bag --in return for which assurance, he vowed to follow suit.

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Noir or crime drama? I say toss up with the emphasis on crime drama. Having been in the military of I'll guess the French Foreign Legion, Sgt. I will assume you know the military slang, "cannibalize" when one takes elements of one thing to become another thing. Just as one's grandma's old 1950's lamp has now been renamed as being Mid-Century Modern for selling purposes so too have many lackluster crime films in black and white been redubbed by those hoping to make a buck, as noirish gems. Some may be lining their pockets with this illusion and I think we know who they are now don't we. Glad to hear you didn't do any bag ruffling during Rififi.

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