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Trying to figure out what movie this is

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This is very vague, but I remember seeing a bit of a movie a long time ago, and I have no idea what it was...


I remember that there was a murder and the body was dumped in some kind of construction area and ended up being covered in cement. I think someone witnessed this happening through a window. It was definitely a black and white movie. I've tried googling it and I've never come up with anything. Any ideas?


(Also, for some reason, I was convinced Jimmy Stewart was in it and played a lawyer, but I may be mixing that up with some other movie.)



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 It was definitely a black and white movie.


So it was definitely not How to Murder Your Wife.  I have a film in mind, though I don't recall the title.  The scene is a confrontation between a goodie and a baddie at a construction site.  The baddie loses, and is dumped in a bin--of concrete, I think.  I will work on it.

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