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Please help find the movie titel


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I hope you would be able to help me. Couple days ago I returned from cruise on Carnival Splendor from Exotic Caribbean Islands. On TV I saw fragments of some old black and white movie (I think musical romance-comedy). I didn’t get the name of the movie, it’s stared already, I don’t know names of the actors, and I didn’t finish to watch it as well because my kids came back from shore exclusions and changed the channel. But I really liked the comedy and I want to watch the full movie again. I hope if I will tell you the beginning of the plot you would be able to help me.

The movie started in some expensive hotel (I think, Waldorf), employees got orientation and later guests arrived. There was some very wealthy women with two adult children, son and daughter. The Lady hired some guy to escort her daughter everywhere so it was just pure business proposition, but of course, the both, man and her daughter, fell in love. The older son also met some other girl and found love too. I even remember the “hired man” was singing to a girl  very lovely song about going to shop with “his darling” everywhere she wanted do go to buy, shoes, jewels, hats and etc. In the movie also were other characters who wanted go get some money from wealthy lady, she was planning to finance some show, and at that hotel was staying some producer/director (?), who agreed to make the show, but he was trying to get more money from her, more than it really costed. There was some other funny scene where he  was negotiating with his acquaintances how much money  each one will get after they split it; they were arguing about one thirds, one fourths of the profit, The director was talking with some sort of funny accent, he was wearing a mustache. There was also other characters, but if you will need more info, I would try to remember additional details.




I really want to watch that movie, and if you would kindly give me some titles, I would check online if this is THE movie I watched few days ago, and probably on your channel, because it was an air, not from CD, or on demand.

Thanks in advance for your help! Hope hear from you soon!


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This is it!

Thanks a million! That's the movie I wanted to re-watch.

Thank you again for you help, that was very quick respond, I appreciate your help. I was ''digging" myself all night yesterday, could find it...

Best regards!


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