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"The Invisible Man's Revenge" (1944)


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Tonight on METv's Svengoolie is 1944's The Invisible Man's Revenge:



Similar to what occurred during this same time frame with Universal's series of Sherlock Holmes movies between Sherlock Holmes in Washington (1943) and Sherlock Holmes Faces Death (1943), that studio's series of Invisible Man movies transitioned back to its roots with The Invisible Man's Revenge from the World War II focus of the preceding entry, The Invisible Agent (1942). Which, in my opinion, was an improvement for both series. Not that that made much of a difference for their Invisible Man's series of movies as this entry would only be followed by the Invisible Man's inevitable meetings with Bud Abbott and Lou Costello (Am I the only one surprised that Sherlock Holmes never met that duo?).


Unlike the case with their Sherlock Holmes series of movies, however, Universal was in its usual "continuity be damned" mood with respect to this one. Which was probably for the best. In The Invisible Agent, Jon Hall was Invisible Man as hero. In The Invisible Man's Revenge, Mr. Hall was an entirely different Invisible Man as villain. And, of the two movies, Mr. Hall was more interesting as the villain. But still lacked in comparison to Claude Rains or Vincent Price.


Some interesting aspects of this one are John Carradine playing a scientist, but not a mad scientist. And Gale Sondergaard playing a scheming woman, but not an evil scheming woman.


Plus the ever-lovely Evelyn Ankers because it just wouldn't feel like a true 1940's Universal horror movie without her even though her role in this one didn't give her much to do. And appearances by such recognizable faces as Ian Wolfe and Skelton Knaggs.

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