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Fave Mitchum Movie

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Mitchum was one of my all time favorite actors. I wait patiently for a DVD box set of his films to be released. As for my favorite it would have to be Out of the Past which I consider the finest film noir ever made. His films with Jane Russell sizzle with great screen chemistry as well.

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Saw most of "Reunion At Fairborough" on another channel last week. Deborah Kerr was in it with him. Didn't seem great but was fun to watch Mitchum and Kerr and remember them together in "The Grass Is Greener" from 25 years before.


That's kind of an off the wall film with a great cast.(Cary Grant, Jean Simmons) How many other films have pistol duels in a house.

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I love them all. I love the opening scene to Heaven Knows Mr. Allison ... Mitchum was really drunk and they couldn't get him to wake up, so they dressed him and dragged him out to the boat and set him afloat. So when you see him poke his head up in the boat, apparently he's really just waking up.

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Mitchum wrote the title song to Thunder Road, but didn't sing the version in the movie. He ended up recording it (twice) afterward. He actually recorded a couple of albums that are surprisingly very good. One is a Calypso album where he sings in a Carribean accent, called Calypso, Like So. A German company put out an import CD with both albums (and both versions of Thunder Road), with great photos of the Calypso album photo shoot in a booklet that accompanies the CD.

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I didn't like Mitchum for the longest time, because I thought he was 'full of himself' - but a couple of years ago, I wised up. Now I really like him. He is, of course, one of the film noir geniuses (my favorite genre). However, quite funny considering my former opinion of him, I do like him best as a scum-bucket. My 2 favorites are Cape Fear and Night Must Fall.
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Of the ones I've seen, I'd pick Holiday Affair (1949) with Janet Leigh.


I've never sat thru Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison, but I think he never looked more handsome than in that one, about 40 years old and shot in color (middle age definitely set in after that, and in his later years he looked awful to me).



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Robert Mitchum gave his best performances in the noirs, playing psychotic characters, as you put it so well Verona.


The other day I caught him on TV in "Holiday Affair". You can tell he was so bored with this role and this movie, he just walked through it with his eyes half closed (love that half-asleep look of his).


He once said that on proving your acting credentials you "don't get to do better, you just get to do more".

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Really, helenwheels? I confess to liking the bad boys over the milquetoasts.


Mitchum, whom I only knew through his bad press before TCM, blew me away when I saw Out Of The Past. Well, now he's on my VERY long list of men in black and white with whom I'm in lust.


Heck, I even saw him in a new light when I saw The Big Sleep, and for someone who has Bogey on the aforementioned list, that is saying something.



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*My Favorite Robert Mitchum Films:*


When Strangers Marry


Out of the Past

Rachel and the Stranger

Holiday Affair

River of No Return

The Night of the Hunter

Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison

Fire Down Below

Thunder Road

The Grass Is Greener

Cape Fear (1962)

The List of Adrian Messenger

Villa Rides

The Friends of Eddie Coyle

The Last Tycoon

The Yakuza

Cape Fear (1991) (Yes he was even in the Re-Make!)

Two for the Seesaw


*Check out my fan tribute..*



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*On Monday, Aug 18, 2008 3:30pm PT (Arizona Time).. (Summer Under The Stars: Jack Palance.)*

*they Will show the film "_SECOND CHANCE_". which Co-Stars Robert Mitchum!*


*_Second Chance_ is RKO Radio's first foray into the world of 3-D film, a prevalent cinema fad in the 1950s, and it featured their top stars. Bad guy Jack Palance is fresh from his critically well-regarded work on _Shane_ (1953).*


*The picture is also the first Hollywood 3-D feature shot on a foreign location*




*_Mr. Winkle Goes to War_*

*Wednesday, Aug 20, 2008 @ 12:15pm (PT) Arizona Time.*


*Stars: Edward G. Robinson, Ruth Warrick & Robert Mitchum*



*_My Forbidden Past_*

*Friday Aug, 22 @ 1:45am (PT) Arizona Time.*


*Stars: Ava Gardner, Melvyn Douglas, Robert Mitchum*

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> {quote:title=randyishere wrote:}{quote}

> Not to be trite, but i loved River Of No Return, Macao, and Second Chance. Angel Face looks like it might be good, but i've missed it so far. Mitchum seemed so at ease in front of the camera.


*Angel Face* is a great noir and another of my favourite Mitchum movies. TCM shows it every now and then, and it's also available in a sharp-looking DVD from WHV.

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Robert Mitchum is one of those actors who can do it all!


"The Sundowners" - So sexy

"Holiday Affair" - Even though I really like Wendell Corey, R.M. had to get the girl!

"The Grass is Always Greener" - He held his own with Cary Grant(Jean Simmons so good)


As you can see, I can't pick a favorite either.


Does anyone remember the television series "Winds of War"? He was wonderful in that role!


In "Cape Fear" and "The Night of the Hunter", he pulled it off and looked like he was enjoying

it at the same time. (I didn't think he was sexy in "Cape Fear", however.)


I could go on and on. One last question...Does anyone else think he has the sexiest

walk in the movies? ;)

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I agree about the walk. But I think Denzel Washington has the second sexiest walk in show business and the close-up shot of him in "Philadelphia" when he was in the library was a Cary Grant movie star close-up shot.


But back to Mitchum...

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> {quote:title=Bargar wrote:}{quote}

> Robert Mitchum is one of those actors who can do it all!


> I could go on and on. One last question...Does anyone else think he has the sexiest

> walk in the movies? ;)


I agree with your first assessment. As for your question - possibly, yes, I haven't really given it much thought. But I can certainly keep it in mind, in the future. ;)

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