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Can't remember the name


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So a few months ago I caught the last 30 minutes or so of a film on TV but forgot to write down the name.  I just remembered the movie and want to share it with my wife but for all the googleing (googling?) I've done I can't get anywhere in my search.  Hoping someone can help.


Here's what I remember....


1. The film involved a married couple. The husband was a quite spoken man while the wife was loud and obnoxious, always belittling the husband and comparing him to an old sweetheart or boyfriend.  These two had a daughter.


2. The first scene I remember seeing was the father had a priest/minister in the house and together they were helping the daughter marry her boyfriend (may have been a policeman if I remember correctly), the whole time the wife and a friend are outside the house and locked out.


3. At some point earlier in the film from where I was watching the husband must have met the old fling of his wife and the ex was a bum or homeless or something.  The husband invites him over for dinner so he can finally show his wife the type of man she's idolized throughout their marriage.


4. Later the ex arrives in fine clothes, some type of con man and pulls the wool over the wife's eyes yet.  Later the ex gets involved in some kind of store robbery (might have been a sears-roebuck??? but not 100% on that) and is caught at the couples home where the wife is finally forced to see that he really wasn't a good man.


5.  Lastly it was black and white and I think it might have been set in the 1930's but I'm not 100% on this detail either.


That's all that I can remember.  Any help putting a name to the film will be greatly appreciated.



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