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A Tribute to Cheap Chorines and others of their ilk


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How many movies would be so much less fun, without the cheap tarts who regaled us with overdone make-up, outfits that left little to the imagination, and Bronx accents [not that there is anything wrong with that]. I have my particular faves who once seen are never forgotten by moi, like Iris Adrian,Toby Wing, Barbara Pepper, Joyce Compton, Veda Ann Borg, Mayo Methot [bogie's ex] and Marian Martin. And though she came up at a later period in film, for me Barbara Nichols personifies this type of hot tamale and tart tomato who in spite of [or because of] her hard-boiled nature could always come up with some truisms which made them irresistible. Now bimbos they weren't as most of them came up with diamond bracelets and a bit of moola daily from the stage door Johnnies in film. I salute them and even though this type of harpie did not always continue on film, one might spot them in episodes of tv shows like "The Andy Griffith Show" as the fun girls of Mount Pilot. Such women may be dangerous yet they are always welcome in my house. 

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