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All Aboard - Trains in Movies


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When it comes to train wrecks, Buster Keaton's in THE GENERAL is still an eye popper. This was a real train:




From Wiki:


The climax of the film includes a spectacular moment where a bridge (sabotaged by Johnnie) collapses as a railroad train crosses it. Keaton filmed the collapse in the conifer forest around the town of Cottage Grove, Oregon, using 500 extras from the Oregon National Guard. They all dressed up in Union uniforms and were filmed going left-to-right before changing into Confederate uniforms and being filmed going right-to-left.

The production company left the wreckage of the locomotive in the river bed after the scene was filmed. The wrecked locomotive became a minor tourist attraction for nearly twenty years, until it was salvaged in 1944-45 for scrap during World War II.

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perhaps the greatest special effects scene involving a train, at approximately the 1:00 mark. 




(...hmmm...must have been before Richard Denning moved from Mexico City to his lavish Governor's mansion on the island of Oahu, eh Mr.R?!) ;)

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In the film THE FIGHTING SULLIVANS (about the five Sullivan brothers who all died together when their ship was sunk in WW2) their father (played by Thomas Mitchell) worked on the railroad. The  young boys would climb up on the tower to watch their dad go by. At the end of the film the father "sees" his sons  up there for one last time.

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Capuchin has a photograph of a railroad overpass in Michigan which has: Lionel in white block letters on the side.

That overpass was in MY neck o' the Michigan woods.


I recall seeing a story about it on the local news in the mid '60s when it happened.  Went by it a couple of times, but it's LONG gone, now.  Apparently, it was back when "tagging" was creative!




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