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All Aboard - Trains in Movies


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I'm sure they did. I do remember seeing a Stones documentary

where they rode on a train between UK concerts, circa 1966.

They had their chance to make a bus film, but instead they

went with Between the Buttons, about a late night shopping

spree at Marks & Spencer.

The bus film would have had Jackie Gleason reprising his Ralph Kramden role as the bus driver.

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In "Throw Momma from the Train" (1987), Owen Lift (Danny De Vito) decides to get rid of his overbearing mother (Anne Ramsey). So he tries to persuade writer Larry Donner (Billy Crystal) to do the dirty work for him. Ramsey received a Best Supporting Actress nomination for her performance. 



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Jenny Agutter starred in "The Railway Children," a 1970 British drama about the Waterbury siblings -- Londoners who move with their mother to a different life in Yorkshire. Their new home is near the Great Northern and Southern Railway, where the Waterburys spend a lot of time. The film was directed by actor Lionel Jeffries ("The First Men in the Moon," "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"), who adapted the screenplay from the 1906 children's book by E. Nesbit.


Thirty years later, Agutter starred in a new version of the story for British television and the PBS series "Masterpiece Theatre." She played the Waterbury children's mother in that one.



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The Jewel in the Crown (Granada TV series) has a memorable train scene. One of the group -- Ahmed Kasim-- in a specific first-class compartment is a Moslem. A crescent is marked on the outside of the compartment when the train leaves the station.  The trains stops after a while. Hindus pull Ahmed Kasim out of the marked compartment and kill him. The Hindus then turn to the English people in the compartment and say, "Sorry to have disturbed you!"



I remember that scene vividly!  

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Thanks for all your responses. Since my original post, I've added a few more movies with memorable train moments:


Take The Money And Run - The subway scene where Virgil Starkwell is trying to ignore an elderly woman being mugged by reading a magazine. Sylvester Stallone is one of the muggers.


The Sting - The poker game aboard the train to Chicago. Paul Newman in one of his best performances as Henry Gondorf and of course Robert Shaw as Doyle Lonergan.


Suspicion - Cary Grant as John Aysgarth meets Joan Fontaine as Lena in the first class compartment and doesn't have the train fare for first class but charms Lena into "helping" him pay the conductor.


Knight Without Armour - Robert Donat searching for Marlene Dietrich in the Red Cross tent and realizes she's on the train - Donat jumps aboard the train and screams out "Alexandra, Alexandra" and Dietrich replies "Here I am" as the train pulls away with the two lovers reaching out to each other.


Midnight - Claudette Colbert wakes up on the train in Paris without any luggage in the pouring rain and broke. Terrific extremely funny movie with wonderful performance by John Barrymore.


Falling In Love - Every scene with Meryl Streep & Robert De Niro on the L.I.R.R. commuter train. One of my favorite Robert De Niro films.


Indescretion of an American Wife - Wonderful movie taking place in the Rome train station with excellent performances by Jennifer Jones and Montgomery Clift.


The Bandwagon - Fred Astaire singing "I'll Go My Way By Myself" with the train alongside in New York's Grand Central Station.


Grand Central Murder - Love this film - love Van Heflin.


Random Harvest - Greer Garson boarding the train prior to her ocean voyage and Ronald Colman saying goodbye and as the train departs and "Margaret/Paula" looks out the window with the steam from the engine engulfing her face, Charles Rainer "Smithy" starts to remember. One of the greatest love stories ever on film.


White Heat - The opening scene with the train robbery starring the incomperable James Cagney as Cody Jarrett shooting the engineers.


Sooo many more memorable movie moments.

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