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ONLY TCM HD Channel 789 on Comcast audio out of sync again


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Don't despair. Someone from Comcast, ComcastTeds, has been updating a forum like this on XFinity Forum and posted this message earlier this afternoon. It's an active Forum titled TCM Movies are Choppy On Demand. Scroll to the end to read some of ComcastTeds recent  postings. Hopefully we'll be able to watch SD movies again soon.  http://forums.xfinity.com/t5/On-Demand/TCM-movies-choppy-on-demand/td-p/2795167/page/2


ComcastTeds posted earlier today:

 Apologies for the issue and the experience.


This is an unexpected but known issue with TCM's standard definition (non-HD) programs. This issue is being worked by the right teams at Comcast, TCM and their delivery partner.


The teams are still actively engaged with TCM to get the replacement content in SD. We have not stopped working to resolve.


Apologies that this is taking as long as it is taking. TCM is well aware of the issue and the impact it is having.


We planned for and expect to have this content available in SD. Thanks for your continued patience.

EXCELLENT, I discussed this with Comcast  headquarters twice this week, and so glad that they are taking this seriously and working on this with TCM. Thank You so much for posting the information :)

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EXCELLENT, I discussed this with Comcast  headquarters twice this week, and so glad that they are taking this seriously and working on this with TCM. Thank You so much for posting the information :)

Thank you! I posted on Comcast also.

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Since contacting TCM by phone is impossible I contacted COMCAST Corporate Headquarters in Philadelphia. Their phone is 215-286-1700 and asked to speak to Customer Relations. . They are extremely cooperative and emailed the appropriate people. They call back within 24 hours. Please call them and explain the problems we are experiencing with TCM ON DEMAND. Pixalation problems, sound problems and the problem of all but 2 films being shown ON DEMAND in HD and not offering the Standard versions of the films.

If enough people call them and complain it may help us get some resolution. It's VERY UNFORTUNATE that TCM does not allow us to call them with these types of issues considering the amount of money we spend to have the channel.


Since all the films showed up in HD today if that's the solution TCM came up with to solve the picture and sound issue, it's unacceptable

Will do. Thank you. I agree. Unacceptable. This has been going on for too long.

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Stephen L.:

Perhaps the audio, skipping, and 1 Minute problems, coincided with the addition of the commercials before the movies. I have no problem viewing the ads/commercials (that I'd rather not see), just problems in viewing the films. But it is encouraging to read on the Comcast forum, dealing with this issue, that Comcast is aware  of the problem and working with TCM and their delivery partner to correct it.  Let's hope it is soon..

Yes! bad enough having commercials before each TCM on demand movie, NOW political commercials and you can bet the sound on those are good! NO COMMERCIALS on on demand please!

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I posted the following item on several FILMSTRUCK related topics here today.  As one of many who was involved with discussions here about TCM audio/video sync problems and TCM's lack of response to them, I thought some here might be interested.





The latest email about FILMSTRUCK and the CRITERION CHANNEL indicates the new services start on October 19th and that HULU's license to stream Criterion titles ends on November 11.  Sad for me who just joined HULU one month ago entirely because of the amazing Criterion library (which includes hundreds of titles not on disk). 


I have questions which I posed when I called HULU--yes, they have a working customer support phone number--and when I called the Criterion Collection.   So, both HULU and Criterion offer ways to talk to a human being when there are problems...something TCM has never offered even in the face of their current streaming service, WATCH TCM, not working for many of us or when their website is out of order or, especially, when there are audio/video sync problems (as there has been for many weeks this year). 


My main questions about FILMSTRUCK and the CRITERION CHANNEL are:


Will TCM and/or the Criterion Collection begin a tech support/customer support operation for these two new services?  If streaming from either new service does not work or there are problems with our subscriptions, will there finally be someone at TCM who will respond?  We all know that the TCM support email address NEVER replies to queries.


Can one subscribe to only the CRITERION CHANNEL alone and not  to FILMSTRUCK?  The current literature says FILMSTRUCK has a rotating selection of movies.  The write-up on the CRITERION CHANNEL says all titles will be available for streaming at all times.


How can we link via WIFI to either service since current smart TV's and Blu Ray players won't have apps for these new services?  Or, will we have to watch on our computers?  HULU is on many/most smart TV's and Blu Ray players and streaming Criterion titles works beautifully on HULU.


It appears--although I'm not sure--that TCM will be in control of the tech issues to do with both FILMSTRUCK and the Criterion Channel.  That, frankly, worries me--given TCM's past history of not offering any support.


If any of you have any ideas regarding my questions, please respond.  If you are a fan of TCM and Criterion, please contact Criterion with your questions and thoughts.


Thanks for listening.


David (Tucson, AZ)

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Thanks David, I didn't know anything about this. I've enjoyed some of the Criterion Collection in the past and would appreciate having the opportunity to view more of them; they are such a quality collection. I'll have to look into this.

   Also, I've been pleased with TCM OnDemand (Comcast) since the audio sync problem for SD has been addressed. I don't ever recall them offering so many titles, as they have during the past few weeks. I hope that continues.

   Thanks for sharing the Criterion info. That would be such a treat to have them available during the winter months.

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