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Healthcare in America?

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1 hour ago, hamradio said:


We have an EXPENSIVE system where big pharma and doctors rake in the profits! :angry:

Don't leave out the hospitals and other medical facilities.  While doctors rake in the most, the other health care professional workers do pretty good as well.

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1 hour ago, txfilmfan said:

Per the AMA, the US spent 17.7% of its GNP on healthcare in 2018.  That dwarfs US military spending.

https://www.ama-assn.org/about/research/trends-health-care-spending#:~:text=Health spending in the U.S.,as 2016 (4.6 percent).

The US ranks first in healthcare spending.

For all that money, the US ranks:

  • 29th in infant mortality
  • 26th in life expectancy

Obviously we have a very inefficient, ineffective system. 



The article does not appear to include VA, USPHS and other US government direct medical care.  Does it include TRICARE (medical coverage for military, dependents and retirees?

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The Opdivo TV ad spiked my curiosity regarding cost.

Opdivo, approved for both melanoma and lung cancer, is priced at $12,500 a month, or about $150,000 for a year of treatment; patients take the drug until disease progression or unacceptable toxicity.Jul 16, 2015




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14 minutes ago, Cigarjoe cellph said:

I don't watch any of the vids say the point in a few sentences. Your posts are the equivalent of a robot call to me. I just ingnor them  and scroll on

To whom are you addressing this?

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'Seems Like a Good Policy!' CBO Shows Medicare for All Could Cover Everyone for $650 Billion Less Per Year

The analysis shows that administrative costs under a single-payer healthcare system "will be lower than what even the most rabid Medicare for All supporters have traditionally claimed."



S en. Bernie Sanders:

Even the Congressional Budget Office run by the Republicans concluded that Medicare for All would provide universal health care to everyone in America

and cost $650 billion LESS than our current dysfunctional health care system each and every year.

Yes. We need #MedicareForAll.



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