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Healthcare in America?

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Non-Americans Sickened By Drug Ads Aired During Meghan And Harry’s Interview

“American adverts make me feel like I’m in some post-apocalyptic world,” one Twitter user said of the commercials featured during Oprah’s interview.


"If these medicine ads are what it’s like to not have an NHS I never want to experience that"

"I will never, ever, ever get used to drug companies advertising their products on tv in the US. It’s so **** dystopian."



"........The fact that Americans are indifferent to these ads while Brits view them as “Saturday Night Live” parodies come to life makes sense. 

..........Aside from New Zealand, the United States is the only country that legally permits drug companies to market directly to consumers. Pharmaceutical ads first became legal in 1985, but the drug commercials of today — which typically feature people frolicking through fields while an endless list of side effects are ticked off as quickly as possible — began in 1997, ......

.....In the United Kingdom, the majority of health care is provided by the publicly funded National Health Service and is free. In the United States, however, most Americans gain access to health care through their individual employers. Yet, even if they are covered, many remain vulnerable to massive costs and debt. 

This is also not the first time that British people’s utter perplexity towards America’s uneven health care system has gone viral. In December 2019, the news website JOE asked people in the U.K. to guess how much they could be charged for certain procedures or medical devices in America if they did not have insurance — and their responses were bleak.

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OP:  Congress Must Expand Health Care Now Through the American Rescue Plan

Expanding health care incrementally through the American Rescue Plan will help save lives now,

and lay the groundwork for health care for all later.

".........Congress is debating a covid relief bill, which is likely to pass one way or another in the next few days.

As written, the American Rescue Plan will extend affordable health care to millions. It will encourage the 12 states that have not expanded Medicaid to cover up to 4 million more low income Americans with health insurance. It will also increase health insurance subsidies for middle class Americans throughout the country via the Affordable Care Act. 

Nearly 30 million Americans don’t have health insurance, and many more are under-insured. Tens of thousands of Americans die every year due to lack of insurance....




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