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need help with silent film


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All i remember is from where i started off which was towards the ending a woman ran from her lover and he went after her she got a job in a hospital after being attacked by a man and he joined the military to fight in WW1 they happened to run into each other at the end and the film goes to a lady sitting in a chair who was acting a narrarator to the whole thing.

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Could it possibly be D.W. Griffith's "HEARTS OF THE WORLD" (1918), with Lillian Gish perhaps? I have not seen this film in quite awhile, so I can not say for sure? Initially, I thought you were talking about "THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE" (1921)? However, there is no lady in a wheel chair in that picture? There is a man in a wheel chair though? I'll give it some more thought? How long ago was it that you saw this movie? What did the girl look like?

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No, I think this is THE RED KIMONA (1925), which was shown on TCM not too long ago. The writer and producer of the tilm, Dorothy Davenport Reid (or Mrs. Wallace Reid, as she was often billed), explained that it was based on actual events, "narrating" the real circumstances of the story at the beginning and end -- an unusual convention for a silent film.


As best I remember, It told the story of a woman escaping from a life of prostitution, but unable to shake the stigma of her past life. One man sticks by her, and he later enlists in the war, and finds her after he comes back.


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