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7 hours ago, jakeem said:

Watch: Trump believes he can 'make the law go away by tweeting at it', Republican strategist says http://bit.ly/2RGebd3 



7 hours ago, jakeem said:

France's Macron to make 'important announcements' in coming week: spokesman https://reut.rs/2RLlKiZ 


 trump and Macron--

Two world leaders who are non-traditional and inexperienced in government administration are now finding that their constituents are very disappointed with, not only their policies, but  also with their personal Behavior.

Both of them are Knee Deep dans lamerde.

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Jeremy Corbyn tells EU's centre-left politicians he wants to build a ‘socialist Europe’ -


Labour leader praises Portuguese left-wing parties for ending austerity and winning electoral success

".....Mr Corbyn said the continent’s centre-left parties needed to throw off the “failed neoliberal policies” of recent decades and find solutions to people’s problems – or they would find themselves displaced by the “fake populists of the far-right”.


Almost uniquely among centre-left groups in Europe, the Portuguese Socialist Party is riding high in the polls and winning elections. It is governing on a left-wing platform with ad hoc support from the Left Bloc, the Greens, and Portuguese Communist Party.........


“Because it has been that alliance of progressive forces in Portugal that made it possible to start to turn the tide of failed austerity economics.”

Mr Corbyn added: “Inside or outside the European Union we are internationalists to our very core. 

“As socialists and trade unionists, we will work together to help build a real social Europe: a people’s Europe, a socialist Europe, that will strengthen solidarity across borders, resist the race to the bottom in rights and protections and work together to extend them for all workers, consumers and our environment.”...........

“The far-right feeds on fears fuelled by falling living standards, damaged communities, insecure work and underfunded public services. It diverts the blame away from the powerful few responsible for economic and social failure and on to minorities. ".........

“The Right will always find a scapegoat; the Left must find solutions that deliver real change.

If the European political establishment carries on with business as usual, the fake populists of the far right will fill the vacuum.” ....



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Generation Hate: French far right's violence and racism exposed

Al Jazeera investigation reveals Generation Identity members carrying out racist attacks, making Nazi salutes in Lille.


"......Generation Identity (GI), one of Europe's fastest growing and most prominent far-right movements. The organisation was set up in France six years ago, and now has branches in several countries, including Italy, Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The pan-European group, estimated to have thousands of members and an online following of tens of thousands, advocates the defence of what it sees as the identity and culture of white Europeans from what it calls the "great replacement" by immigration and "Islamisation".

It presents itself as a patriotic movement and claims to be non-violent and non-racist.

But when an Al Jazeera undercover reporter infiltrated GI's branch in Lille, he found the opposite.....

"It would mean deporting thousands and thousands of people to countries which are supposedly their countries of origin because their ancestors might have lived there or because the colour of their skin or their culture refers to countries which are not France … so, in fact, it would nearly be ethnic cleansing." .........


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  • JakeHolman changed the title to TRUMPISM IN EUROPE AND UKRAINE WAR

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