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Speaking of Mrs. May--and this goes with the subject of the thread--what do you think of this surprise election in Britain?


Actually, I don't equate Mrs. May with Trumpism. I think the British version of Trumpism would be Nigel Farage/UKIP. For the most part, the Conservative/Tory Party in the UK is a pretty moderate bunch, perhaps analogous to our old Yankee Republican Party of Rockefeller, Javits, etc.


But I was surprised at the call to election. She said she wouldn't do it, but it is a politically shrewd move, as Labour have an unpopular leader in Jeremy Corbyn. Labour won't learn. A few years ago, they picked the much more left-wing Ed Miliband to lead the party instead of his brother David. As everyone said it would, Labour went down to defeat in the last election. Had Labour picked David to lead them, he probably would have been elected over Cameron and the Tories, and there would have been no Brexit referendum.


Regarding the upcoming election, perhaps the Lib Dems can pick up a few seats; otherwise it will probably be a Tory landslide.

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The Ukrainian sculptor Nikolai Shmatko stands beside his bust of Marine Le Pen.


Can't wait to see the rest. :P 





 (Hope the moderators are not the type that puts a loin cloth over Michelangelo's David) 

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The Ukrainian sculptor Nikolai Shmatko stands beside his bust of Marine Le Pen.


Can't wait to see the rest. :P





(Hope the moderators are not the type that puts a loin cloth over Michelangelo's David)


I've seen Michelangelo's David in Florence--


I don't think I'm going to compare it to anything that has to do with the anti-Semitic Le Pen woman.

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That reminds me of what de Gaulle used to say about governing his French people:


"How can anyone govern a nation that has 246 different kinds of cheeses?"

Yes, I remember hearing that one, and now there

are even more. He certainly had a sniffer for them.

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Marine Le Pen got nearly 5% more of the vote in the first round of the French presidential election than her Holocaust Denier Father did in 2002. She's following in her father's anti-Semitic footsteps - -


Le Pen, The Holocaust Denier founder of the National Front ended up with nearly 18% of the final vote talley--


But his anti-Semitic daughter can do better than that-- she'll probably get 20%--25% of the vote--


There are at least that many anti-Semitic hateful people in France.



However, the values of the French Republic are NOT the values of the National Front.








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Mike Cernovich ‏Verified account @Cernovich Feb 5


Brexit 2705.png Trump 2705.png#SuperBowl 2705.png It's time for France 1f1eb-1f1f7.png to be free. Go le Pen!



This Anti-semitic daughter of a Holocaust Denier does not deserve to lead the people of France.


The French people have long buried the Nazi Collaborationist Vichy Government of World War II--when Vichy sent over 70,000 French Jewish citizens to death camps.


Mme. Le Pen has recently denied this fact. Now that makes her a Holocaust Denier too, just like her father. Anti-Semitism runs deep in the National Front.


Don't be fooled by their anti-Muslim rhetoric - -


Believe it or not--the National Front equally hates Jews and Arab Muslims.


Now that's a fact that all people who support Le Pen will just have to deal with.



Vive LA France! Vive LA République!

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Russian Hackers Who Targeted Clinton Appear to Attack France’s Macron-


"The campaign of the French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron has been targeted by what appear to be the same Russian operatives responsible for hacks of Democratic campaign officials before last year’s American presidential election, a cybersecurity firm warns in a new report.


The report has heightened concerns that Russia may turn its playbook on France in an effort to harm Mr. Macron’s candidacy and bolster that of Mr. Macron’s rival, the National Front leader Marine Le Pen...


....the phishing attacks as the “invisible side” of an apparent Russian campaign to hurt Mr. Macron, while the “visible side” took the form of fake news or slanted stories in the French-language Russian media.


Russia, or at least its state-controlled media, clearly favored Ms. Le Pen, who criticized European Union sanctions imposed on Russia after it annexed Crimea in 2014 and voiced support for Moscow’s intervention in Syria to prop up President Bashar al-Assad.


The success of its cyberattacks in the United States has only bolstered the Russian hacking group’s ambitions, security researchers say.

“This is the new normal,”



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What goes around comes around, even if it's over a

hundred years ago. There's not much governments

can do to stop lone wolves, so might as well calm

down and do your best.

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Le Pen Promotes Holocaust Denier and Plans to Ban Kosher Butchers and Yarmulkes


(Cheif Rabbi of France) Korsia has endorsed Le Pen’s rival, Emmanuel Macron, in the election to be held on May 7th. “It is necessary to call on all of those who believe in France to vote for Emmanuel Macron,” the rabbi wrote on Twitter, “because he now carries this hope of fraternité.”



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Breaking News--Marine Le Pen's newly anointed National Front leader, Jean-François Jalkh has been forced to step down on the eve of the French presidential election due to evidence showing that he is a Holocaust Denier.


Mme. Le Pen's father and National Front founder and former leader was prosecuted by the French government as a Holocaust Denier in 1987.


Reportedly Marine Le Pen has been trying to put the anti-Semitic foundations of the party behind her; apparently this has not been entirely successful.


The French government has not yet prosecuted Jalkh over these accusations.


Sources: NPR, Le Monde







The two founding cards in the National Front movement are equally anti-Muslim and anti-Semitism. No two ways about it, no matter which one that the current national front leader might be kicking, that's what people know about the party -- that's what people are voting for and responding to.


The party was originally founded from the extreme right-wing French humiliation over the loss of the Arab Muslim colony of Algeria. They based their support on the extreme right-wing of France, which is traditionally anti-Semitic and dogmatically Catholic contre Vatican II.


Also make no mistake about it,that the leadership in the party is decidedly anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim.


In a nation that decidedly also includes many black Africans, who are Muslims, along with the North African descended Arabs.


National Front supporters have been in the news for decades in France - - for murdering black and Arab Muslims and desecrating Jewish cemeteries.


If the Ku Klux Klan was an open political party and stood for elections on all levels, it would be just like the National Front in France.


Marine Le Pen's father, Jean-Marie Le Pen--founder and former leader of the National Front for 39 years was prosecuted by the French Republic for being a Holocaust Denier.

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Le Pen and Macron clash in crucial French election debate-


"....From Marine Le Pen, the aggression of the demagogue, the venom, the constant niggling remarks designed to get under her adversary's skin.

And from Emmanuel Macron, the Cartesian rationality of the brilliant French technocrat.


There is not the slightest point of similarity between these two leaders. They are diametrical opposites. Their personalities clash; their politics clash; they loathe each other.

It is a great service they are providing in this debate, because they are laying bare in all its stark newness the great division of our times: not between left and right, but between the nation and the world.

It is a debate which echoes far beyond the borders of France, which is why this fiery confrontation will go down in the annals....




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Marine Le Pen Flees Hecklers as Her Odds of Victory Shrink in France-


"Le Pen’s poor showing in the campaign has come despite the best efforts of Trump supporting accounts on social networks, which have pushed rumors and innuendo about Macron with increasing desperation in the past week. As Samuel Laurent of Le Monde reports, a final spate of tweets used the hashtag #MacronGate, which did little to disguise their English-language origin....




-all this sound familiar??


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Politically Motivated Hacking Is Not Whistleblowing.-



"Here’s some news for the alt-right activists in the United States behind a disinformation campaign aimed at getting Marine Le Pen elected president of France by spreading rumors about her opponent, Emmanuel Macron: The French do not much like having their intelligence insulted by Americans.....


“What I get from this clumsy initiative is that it reveals just how much these people think of us as imbeciles,”....


...the hacked documents only began to attract attention after they were linked to on Twitter by Jack Posobiec, a Trump supporter who added the misleading hashtag, #MacronLeaks.


That tag, which falsely suggested that the hacked documents had been leaked by a public-spirited whistleblower, rather than stolen by Macron’s political opponents, and contained evidence of wrongdoing, instead of what appears to be mainly a collection of mundane campaign memos, was soon used by a more influential account, WikiLeaks.....


The point of the dump, then, appears to be less about providing real evidence to back up the rumors and innuendo Marine Le Pen’s supporters have been spreading about Macron for months, and more a way to reinforce the fact-free speculation the candidate herself engaged in during a televised debate this week — that her rival, a former investment banker, might be hiding something that would discredit him, like an offshore account.....



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"radical overhaul - - deep transformation of our movement"


Those were the words of Marine Le Pen upon the defeat of the National Front in the presidential election.


Even though Le Pen got 11 million votes, approximately 35% of the vote, she has decided to change the name of the party and plans to renovate it.


Source: France 24

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