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17 hours ago, jakeem said:


16 hours ago, jakeem said:

Joe Scarborough Retweeted Jeremy Diamond

How interesting that Trump would go out of his way to insult the two countries Putin invaded over the past decade. So now the US president performs shameless acts of trolling on Russia’s behalf?


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A thoughtful editorial in The Guardian, one of the UK's most respected newspapers, founded in 1821.

"Theresa May let her country down by inviting a hostile US president to make a needless visit here. We support peaceful protests against his presence and his policies."


"The charge list against Mr Trump is long, unignorable and impossible to tolerate. Morally, it is headed by the racism of the immigration policies he was so proud of in Brussels on Thursday, the cruelty of their enforcement, especially in the separation of children from their parents, the racism to which he gives encouragement at home, and the taunting and visceral threat to the rights and dignities of women, people of colour, and LGBT people, who are all now directly threatened by his latest supreme court nomination. He has ignorantly spurned the threat from climate change, has sucked up to tyrants, has conducted an unprecedented campaign against the free press, launched a trade war, insulted America’s allies, praised America’s enemies and made dangerous mischief in the domestic and regional politics of countless parts of the world. Only this week, heading for Europe, he insulted Germany and said meeting Vladimir Putin would be easy work compared with his meetings in Brussels and Britain."


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6 hours ago, jakeem said:

This is absolutely mad. The Sun has an exclusive interview with Trump who is dumping on Theresa May.

Does Trump realise how hard he’s making May’s life here? Does he care? Or is he just saying the last thing he was told by someone?


And You thought you had a bad house guest.....

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10 minutes ago, jakeem said:

British lawmakers have united across party lines to condemn Donald Trump for his "repulsive" attack on Theresa May



British lawmakers cross party lines to unite in their support of the British Prime minister against the

Brutal Public Attacks and Affronts from trump.

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What is on Theresa May’s arm during the dinner with Donald Trump?\

Prime Minister Theresa May and Donald Trump met for a lavish dinner at Blenheim Palace last night. But her sleeveless red dress had many people questioning, what is the patch on her arm? Turns out, it is a diabetes monitoring patch.

The small white circular patch monitors blood sugar levels and lets her know when she needs to inject insulin. The Prime Minister was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in November 2012 and has taken daily insulin injections ever since to combat the illness. She said last year: ‘‘I am a type one diabetic. That means when I eat, I have to inject insulin, which I do.

‘I will be injecting myself four or five times a day… You just get into a routine. ‘You depend on that insulin and you just build that routine into your daily life. ‘The crucial thing to me is being a diabetic doesn’t stop you from doing anything.’


Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2018/07/13/theresa-mays-arm-dinner-donald-trump-7710715/?ito=cbshare

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetroUK | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MetroUK/

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13 hours ago, jakeem said:

This was published today in The Scotsman, Scotland's national newspaper. Strong language. https://bit.ly/2mjjf9z 


trump's mother, Mary Anne McLeod Trump, was an immigrant from Scotland who arrived on our Shores in 1930.

She died 18 years ago, so she doesn't have to endure this humiliation.

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