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We have been visited by the smartphone spam fairy!


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Who is nuts enough to Click on the spammers links???  One of the first links had 15 clicks, the others 11 or so? :unsure:

Perhaps because people went into one or two of them like I did to report them to the moderator.


I see there are different account names now creating the spam threads...and they have 'spread' to the off-topic chit chat forum as well.

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"dos" is an old computer type, isn't it?

I seem to recall it's an acronym for "disk operating system," which computers had prior to and during the initial launch of Windows 3.0. Microsoft bought out the maker of DOS, and it's probably not used anymore. I do remember the MS-DOS prompt  when I started up my old pc, and if you learned the code, you could type in commands - but now you just click on an icon.

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There are a few tired threads on these boards that keep coming back that I would classify as spam.


If only our moderators would do something about those.


Locking would be wonderful. An annoyance for most of us being addressed is probably too much to even hope for.

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Well jhona001 has been a member of the boards for approximately 40 minutes and has produced 81 pieces of spam.  At least as of a few minutes ago.


Though jhona is mixing it up a bit.  There are posts about sexy seoul dance parties, regular sexy dance parties, opclub 09, bikini dance parties, gangham club parties, tokyo apple parties, naturalmacau.com... it's all going down tonight on the boards!


I'd be curious to know how one goes about creating these threads so quickly.  Is it truly a matter of just creating the thread and hitting "post new topic" a billion times without having to actually go through the rigmarole of creating new threads individually?   


This is getting very tiresome.

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yup, as of now 2 spammers in both GD & Filmmakers forums. It's gotta be by machine, so sudden and SO many!! Is the language really Korean? It looks like Alien cryptography!

Could it be our friend Klatuu trying to force peace on us again??

We could call it THE DAY THE BOARDS STOOD STILL.....


and clever enough to wait til Mod is offline again

Just WHAT is the POINT of this nonsense any way??

What do they GET out of this?

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