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No Universal films for Halloween?


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that's disturbing in and of itself lol...anyways i just bought the frankenstein dvd set which has frankenstein, bride of, son of, house of, and ghost of...but i'm upset too that they aren't showing these plus wolfman, etc. I am kind of thrilled tho since tcm is showing poltergeist, the bad seed, and invasion of the body snatchers! haven't seen those for a while.


- Rose

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Sorry to hear that. It's interesting to note that Robert Osborne introduced the Lon Chaney Phantom of the Opera the other night by saying that it was the first of the great Universal horror films.


About 30 years ago, in Indianapolis, I discovered all of those great old films on Channel 4 on a Friday night horror double feature called Nightmare Theater. It was hosted by a really creepy host named Sammy Terry (Cemetery, get it?). Before Channel 4 got hold of this film package, it was basically one dubbed Mexican horror movie after another.


Hope they return for next Halloween.

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I'm with you. While it was harder to see old movies when we were younger (we didn't have 3000 channels, a local video store or pay for view) helped us to appreciate those films more because they weren't easy to see.


I always looked forward to them coming either late or night or on our one independent station, on Thursday nights while I was typing term papers.


Maybe that was a factor in so many of us getting hooked on them. Today, with so many choices, the old movies are easier to overlook.


Back then, they were the only game in town if you were bored with your television schedule.

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