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Joan Crawford movie: Harriet Craig


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Hello. I was looking for a Joan Crawford DVD called Harriet Craig. I haven't seen it before and I heard from others that it was eally good but I can not seem to find the DVD anywhere because it is an older movie and stores don't keep them in stock. Ebay is the only place that has it, but they are selling it for $42 and I thought that was a rip off for one DVD. I wanted to know if anyone knows where else can I buy this movie or is there any chance that this movie can be played on the TCM channel soon?


Thank You

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From my experience, the safest place to buy in that account, especially when it comes to out-of-print titles like "Harriet Craig" offered by second-party sellers, is Amazon, where you can buy from a variety of sellers, all of whom are rated and with a full Amazon-guarantee.


Currently at Amazon there are 7 VHS of that film being offered, from US$ 34.90 upwards. At least, you can buy it and make your own DVD-R copy.


Check also moviesunlimited, which sells VHS and DVD via this site (TCM). Sometimes they carry hard-to-find titles, even some that seem to be out of print.


Hope this helps you.

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Goofygirl -


Have you seen "Craig's Wife" with Rosalind Russell (1936)? "Harriet Craig," 1950, is a re-make. The 1936 version was directed by probably the best female director ever, Dorothy Arzner. I'd like to see both versions right now - both strong leading ladies! Good luck on your search.


Now there's a good topic: Best Female Director . . . . maybe it's already been done.



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As Ralph rightly said it, the first talkie version of the story based upon George Kelly's play (a winner of the Pulitzer Prize and Uncle of Grace Kelly), "Craig's Wife" is really excellent, with Rosalind Russell at her dramatic best. Some said that she was too young too convey all the complexities of a character like Mrs. Craig, but I do not thought so when I saw it. Also in the cast are Billie Burke and John Boles.


BTW, I bought that one (VHS) at Amazon.com! A great Buy!


There's also a Silent version of the story with Irene Rich.

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"Harriet" has to be one of Crawford's best! I know some people who like Queen Bee and Torch Song better, but Harriet rules over all of them! I would naturally like to see all of her films on DVD. Warners should release double features of her early silents that have never been available. They could release a western DVD for example of Winners of the Wilderness and The Law of the Range together since they do show up in the library. One can only dream about seeing these even if they aren't the best motion pictures. I still never understood why they never released Our Blushing Brides on VHS like the other two "Our" films.

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