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who's your favorite classic actor?

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one of my fav topics! ;)


My favorite actor is Marlon Brando...he is just a HUNK! lol I haven't seen a bad movie of his yet!

I LOVE Jimmy Stewart as well-it's his voice! and the guy he always plays...the always good guy!:)

Charlie Chaplin-he just CRACKS me up with his cane and outfit and mustache!

Buster Keaton-I see his movies as often as I can and they crack me up! he is sooo funny!

Paul Newman-I promise you he is the hottest guy that has ever walked the face of this earth...I wanna drool when I see him!

Cary Grant-sooooo romantic! :)

Bogey-he has that atmosphere about him! :)


my best friend and I built the most perfect guy and we built him from the best parts of the classic guys :P

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Here's my list in order of preference:


Bela Lugosi

Vincent Price

Gregory Peck

Jimmy Stewart

Claude Rains

Cary Grant

George Sanders

Boris Karloff

Edward G. Robinson

Gene Kelly

Red Skelton

Henry Fonda


We didn't have to narrow it down to just ONE did we? ;)

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Im normally all over the actress category, but I guess I should give the guys their due, so here goes...Claude Rains...Cary Grant...Paul Lukas...Charles Boyer..Laurence Olivier...Henry Fonda...Gene Kelly...Fred Astaire...John Barrymore...Ronald Colman...Gary Cooper...I think all these guys were, by and large, always watchable and compelling in whatever they were in, comedy, dramas, you name it. And, also, what I like best about these actors is they could be good on their own, they did not always have to depend on a screen partner, male or female, to help them carry a film.

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Nothing brightens a dreary day like some drama/comedies with Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Jack Lemmon and Spencer Tracy or Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and Danny Kaye dancing and singing their way through a musical....thank God for TCM

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Well, once again I must keep my fingers crossed. Because as I've noted on my posts-(NOTE: To others, check 'em out, you may find them of interest?) But several times my replies,etc just gets lost in cyberspace or whatever?

Great topic by the way & one I almost certainly have posted myself as well. But have been extremely busy with the OSCARS! I as most on this site, much, much more love Hollywoods Golden Age/Studio System-(l925-60) But still go & review a lotta' new-flix. But in general & especially the stars today, just cannot hold a candle to the Heavyweights we see on TCM! & movie writing is at an all-time low. (*-Indicates ACADEMY winner)

My personal top 5 favorite motion picture actors

of All-Time:

1. *"The Great: SPENCER TRACY"-(l900-67)

2. *JAMES CAGNEY-(l899-l986)

3. Steve McQueen-(l930-80)-(NOTE: I know he's no *TRACY/*OLIVIER or *CHAPLIN, but was my childhood IDOL/HERO! & McQueen was outrageously robbed by the ACADEMY for '73's "Papillon!")

4. *CHARLES CHAPLIN-(l889-l977)

5. *MARLON BRANDO-(l924-)-(NOTE: Still in my view the worlds greatest living actor, when he tries?)

(Honorable mention):

*"THE CHAIRMAN" FRANK SINATRA-(l9l5-98)-(NOTE: Not one of the great actors, or among my favs. listed above. But, he *TRACY & *CAGNEY are my IDOLS! *FRANCIS ALBERT however, more for his singing.)


My per. top 5 favorite motion picture actresses of


1. Natalie Wood-(l938-8l)-(NOTE: A personal pick!)

2. Greta Garbo-(l905-90)-(NOTE: The greatest film actress I have ever laid eyes on, even *KATE HEPBURN said the same)


4. *INGRID BERGMAN-(l9l5-82)

5. *VIVIEN LEIGH-(l9l5-82)

5. *INGRID BERGMAN-(l9l5-82)

(FINAL NOTE: Mr. Robert "tcm" Osborne I remember voted for: Barbara Stanwyck-(l907-90) as his all-time favorite movie actress. & she was also robbed by the ACADEMY also, but twice: l94l's "Ball of Fire" & of course '44's "Double Indemnity" & Mr. Osborne favored "The King of Hollywood," himself: *CLARK GABLE-(l90l-60) as his personal favorite picture actor!)

COOL SURVEY I posted a topic/story on a brand new book/ magazine that was just published: LIFE magazine & "In Hollywood." It's an extention on my veeery 1st movie book of my now rather massive library. But I wanted to let you guys/gals know, you may be able to just get the book at local grocery store? I found it there. But it's not the hard cover/half the price though & again, check for my posts' on tcm.forums T.H.E. MT. S.U.M.M.I.T.




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What fun! Here goes my list:



1. Warren William

2. Cary Grant

3. Clark Gable

4. James Cagney

5. James Stewart

6. William Haines



1. Jean Harlow

2. Joan Crawford

3. Clara Bow

4. Barbara Stanwyck

5. Norma Shearer


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James Cagney

Montgomery Clift

Clifton Webb

George Sanders

Spencer Tracy

Humphrey Bogart

Burt Lancaster

Kirk Douglas

Jack Lemmon

Charlie Chaplin

Paul Newman

Orson Wells

Bette Davis

Shelley Winters

Susan Hayward

Joan Crawford

Just a simple list of those that can't be beat.



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The Top Classic actors are both Kate Hepburn and Cary Grant...., followed by Jimmy Stewart, Jean Arthur, Walter Huston, Joseph Cotten, Margaret Sullavan, Vivien Leigh, Ann Harding, Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck, Bette Davis and Fredric March....

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Cary Grant - I always thought was underrated as an actor and comedian (see: Notorious; Holiday)

John Garfield - Very compelling (see: anything he did)

James Stewart - Can act sincere like no one else (see: Mr. Smith...; The Shop Around the Corner)


Barbara Stanwyck - The ultimate femme fatale, but equally as good at comedy (see: The Lady Eve or Ball of Fire)

Rosalind Russell - Great comedienne (see: Hig Girl Friday; Auntie Mame)

Katharine Hepburn - Could hold her own with anyone and come out on top (see: Adam's Rib; Alice Adams


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My #1 picks: Cary Grant & Bette Davis.


The others-(in no particular order):

Jimmy Stewart

Clark Gable

Spencer Tracy

Laurence Olivier


~The Ladies~

Katherine Hepburn

Rosalind Russell

Vivien Leigh

Barbara Stanwyck


I know I'm forgetting others, but I'd say those are my top faves.


These probably don't exactly fall into the "classic actor" genre, so I'll list them separately:


Jane Fonda

Barbara Streisand

Marilyn Monroe

Dustin Hoffman

Paul Newman




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To lovethemmovies! Hey ya' my friend. Coulda' knocked me over with a feather with *Jim at the top??? You know me & I am only kiddin' & to ladym. What happened to *Paul Muni? & Antar & Hedy-(all of us, got a secret of a TREMENDOUS "PC. OF CINEMATIC MOVIE MEMORABELIA-I told that guy, you sent for it yesterday. to love themmovies.

All of ya' don't 4-get to let me know when you get that "HOLLYWOODS GOLDEN AGE-ITEM? I'll let other(s) just wonder a bit, But the guy may order more? Anyway, at least 12 of the people you named are on that massive-item!

& to Antar, Hedy is on-it about 3 different shots.


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(NOTE: Just a revision on my personal list)


All-Time Personal Favourite Movie Actors:

1. *Spencer Tracy

2. *James Cagney

3. Steve McQueen

4. *Humphrey Bogart

5. *Marlon Brando


All-Time Personal Favorite Movie Actresses:

1. Natalie Wood

2. Greta Garbo

3. *Katharine Hepburn

4. *Ingrid Bergman

5. *Vivien Leigh

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It's nice to revive the "list" posts once in awhile, thanks bg.


Actor :

Cary Grant

Spencer Tracy

Humphrey Bogart



Norma Shearer

Katharine Hepburn

Bette Davis


I had to pick three for each, because I can honestly list about a dozen that I love, but the ones mentioned are all near the top for me.

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This is hard because there are so many good ones out there but this would have to be my top 10 actors.


1. Gregory Peck

2. Jimmy Stewart

3. Spencer Tracy

4. Henry Fonda

5. Walter Pidgeon

6. William Holden

7. Ray Milland

8. Gary Cooper

9. Lionel Barrymore

10. Jack Elam

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