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how do you remember what movies to watch?

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I was just wondering what others do


every Sunday I sit down with the tv guide and go thru and highlight in orange all the movies i wanna see and then write them on a sticky note and how long each one is and then another sticky note(a blue one) what movies come on what days so I won't forget


and I got bored a few minutes ago so I went and wrote down the movies I wanna see in February and March :P


yup...I have NO life! oh-well!

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I still tape a lot of movies off TCM, and I find the NOW PLAYING guide indispensible. When I get the new issue every month, I circle the movies I want to see or tape, and "X" out the ones I already have. Sure beats my old system of writing everything out on a legal pad, and at $11.95 a year, it's a bargain.

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If I know the movie is going to be on that day, I can find the movie on my interactive satellite guide and set it to start recording or just auto-tune automatically. Now for the rest of the month??? I type out my own schedule with every movie, time and channel (which is usually always just TCM) that I want to watch. I have it on top of my tv and check it every day to make sure I'm not missing something. I hate it when I miss a movie, especially one that hasn't been on in months or even years and they show it one time and I miss it. I HATE THAT!!! :)

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Each month I print the schedule off of TCM's website, and then highlight all of the movies I want to watch or tape, and circle in red the REALLY important ones, like when they FINALLY showed "Trouble in Paradise," a few months ago, I did everything but tape a note to my forehead to remember to tape that gem. Every morning I check the printed schedule to see if there's any movies I have highlighted, and just go from there. I also regularly check the Fox Movie Channel's website, and most of the other stations that have websites will allow you to print out the entire month's schedule. But I never bother, since TCM is all I need.

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