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100 years at the movies clip


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  • 2 months later...

I also love that clip, but I can never watch the whole thing,because I always to have leave when the part from "The Exorcist" comes on-I despise that movie,and wish I'd never seen what I did see of it, and I hate that part of "100 Years At The Movies". If it wasn't for that one little part,I would want to tape it. I love the part when the Jamed Bond theme starts to play,and that "twinkly" music at the very beginning and the very end. And the crescendo of music before the "Gone With The Wind" clip,with the huge scene showing the wounded laid out at the train depot and beyond. What a grand movie.

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I'm not sure when it will be on again, but I am guessing it is on about once a day. By the way, speaking of shorts, MGMWBRKO posts a regular list in a different forum of upcoming shorts for each week. I can't take credit for this discovery but I forget who to thank for mentioning it once before in this forum.




Here's what is on tap for this week:


8/2 - , All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change:


8/2, 4:04am EST - "Searchers For a Special City"

8/2, 12:05pm EST - "Hollywood Hist-o-rama: Marx Bros."

8/2, 7:47pm EST - "Opry House"

8/3, 3:38am EST - "Over the Counter"

8/3, 5:31am EST - "Sealskins"

8/3, 8:22am EST - "The Daffy Doc"

8/3, 7:47am EST - "Black Cats and Broomsticks"

8/4, 4:50pm EST - "The Vanishing Duck"

8/4, 9:54pm EST - "Gangster Film Festival Trailer"

8/4, 12:10am EST - "Hollywood Hist-o-rama: Gregory Peck"

8/5, 5:51am EST - "Porky's Duck Hunt"

8/6, 1:47am EST - "So You Want To Keep Your Hair"

8/6, 3:47am EST - "Wild Boar Hunt"

8/6, 7:42am EST - "The Dirty Dozen" Featurette

8/7/, 2:20am EST - "Redd Fox Becomes a Movie Star" Featurette

8/7, 7:39am EST - "Coffins On Wheels"

8/7, 11:18am EST - "Circus Today"

8/7, 10:21pm EST - "Moonshine War" Featurette

8/8, 12:08am EST - "Oklahoma Outlaw"

8/8, 2:17am EST - "Joaquin Murrietta"

8/8, 5:45am EST - "Every Sunday"

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Is there some place that I can go to PAY to download it? It has got to be somewhere other than a wait-and-see arbitrary viewing on TCM. I would like for my U.S. History class to be able to see it! We shouldn't be deprived of this FUN and (nominally) educational tool.

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