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Ok this one is really hard and falls in the sci-fi horror genre


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When I was younger I used to see this a lot on late nite tv and would really like to know what its name is.


This a an old hardy ever seen anymore film of nuclear terrors before much was known about radiation


I'm not sure how it starts but I remember the guy saying to the girl in the car I know a place in the mountains we can go that is a valley protected on all sides by mountains that will protect us.


So 5 of them wind up in a cabin, them, another couple and a single guy.


There is something about the rain being radiated and causing a monster that only shows up at the end of the film.


Apparently if I remember right the monster is killed when the rain finally loses its radiation because apparently it fed off the radiation.


I know its just camp and not up to todays standards but i'd like to see it again just for the memories

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Orlygr, I think the movie is 1956's "Day The World Ended" Directed by Roger Corman with Richard Denning and Lori Nelson. The monster dies at the end because everything in the world in radioactive except rain. To check out more on this film go to IMDb.com. Hope this helps....


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