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Good Show, Claude Rains!

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I'm also a big fan of Claude Rains. If I were Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca, I would have ditched that boring Paul Henreid and run away with him instead! I will watch any movie he's in, no matter how bad it is or how many times I've already seen it.

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I loved him and Basil Rathbone, two of the classiest villains of all time, ever since, as a kid, I first saw them in THE ADV. OF ROBIN HOOD ('38).


Claude went on to even bigger and better roles, but I always think of him in that scene from ROBIN HOOD where he talks sarcastically about King Richard deserting the country and "leaving all of England to my tender care."


He also managed to steal DECEPTION from Bette Davis and Paul Henried.

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I tried to post this the other day but this stupid message board rarely lets me post. Anyway----


I just love Claude Rains. He could play just about any role. Even when he was miscast (such as the case with They Made me A Criminal) he made the most of the role. My favorite film of his has to be Mr. Skeffington. I can't believe this guy didn't have a whole shelf of Oscars. As someone who finds Casablanca less than what it's built up to be, I think he saves the movie. If I'd have been Ilsa, I would have taken him or even that nasty Nazi, Conrad Veidt, over Bogie or Henreid. LOL. I just love those bad boys.

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Sorry to hear you're having difficulties posting, Helen.


In any case, another Claude Rains film I like in which he shows his versatility, including an almost eccentric performance, is They Won't Forget (1937), which is being shown later this month (11/29) on TCM.

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