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Thanks for the Pre-Codes!


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Would love to have a month spotlighting Pre-Codes again. TCM did that a year or two ago and I just LOVED it. It was my first "taste" of Pre-Codes and they are just so free and liberated. I was shocked to know everyone back then was not a prude! Enjoyed the books Dangerous Men and Complicated Women after seeing the movies as well.

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It would be just great! I bet that the "Complicated Women" Documentary will be included in one of the discs to be released as part of Warner's "Forbidden Hollywood"- Pre-Code Collection, to be released this year (Reportedly to include "Baby Face" (1933) and "Waterloo Bridge" (1931), among others).

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They aren't perfect, which is why a DVR with a built in DVD burner is so great. Unless there's a problem with the signal, you can burn the movie to another disc if you get a bad one. You also have the ability to record way more movies, like on Wednesday, when we get several Jean Harlows, or Friday, which is Lionel Barrymore's birthday.


It's a big week for pre-codes on TCM.

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Just in case anyone's still reading this thread, I wanted to let those of you interested know that Complicated Women will be airing next month, October 10th at 6:00am. A few Kay Francis movies will be airing the day before, starting at 6:00am as well.

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Hi... I've been trying to record some films from my DVR onto DVD-R discs, to archive them and be able to "free up" some space on the DVR. But there's a problem.


So far, every time I try to record to a DVD-R, the film records okay, but the audio is OUT OF SYNCHRONIZATION!! The audio lags behind the image, probably about half a second. Has this happened to any of you?


Strangely, I can record direct from the DVR to S-VHS videotape, and there is NO audio lag. Also: I can record direct from the DVR onto a DVD-RW disc, and there is no audio lag! But, as you know, DVD-RWs cannot be played on all disc players, even if you "finalize" them first. So I'm trying to use DVD-Rs, and getting nowhere.


What am I doing wrong? Anybody?


Oh, BTW: I am using the correct speed of discs. That's one of the first things I checked.


Dan N.

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Hi, I've read a lot -- I mean a LOT -- about pre-code films, and how "edgy" and "racy" they supposedly are. But most of the ones I've been able to see, have disappointed me.


See, a "movie" is a Motion Picture. Accent on PICTURE.


So, when I view a pre-code, I expect to be blown away by amazing VISUALS. Instead, most precodes are just like most of the earliest silent films, only with dialogue. They are endless set pieces, with people just talking to each other, and nobody doing much that can't be done ON RADIO!!




Here are some of the precodes that I've seen, that have NOT delivered anything different.


Midnight Mary (1933)

Zoo in Budapest (1933)

Young Bride (1932)

Panama Flo (1932)

Kept Husbands (1931)

The Lady Refuses (1931)

Millie (1931)


Every single one of these so-called "pre-codes" is, in my humble op, dull in the extreme. They are dull because they are ALL TALK! Where are the exciting visuals?)


Now then. Here are some of the pre-codes that DO -- again, in my humble op -- "deliver the goods" in the visuals department:


Kiki (1931)

42nd Street (1933)

Footlight Parade (1933)

Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933)

King Kong (1933)

Tarzan and His Mate (1934)

Night Nurse (1931)

The Office Wife (1930)


See the difference? Instead of being pictures of people just talking to each other, these films actually SHOW US something!


For gossakes, folks, don't hype precodes that are static and dull. Let us know which ones deliver moving pictures -- again, accent on PICTURES!



Dan N.


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