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The first scary show/movie I remember seeing, at about 5 - 7 years of age, was on television somewhere around 1958-1960 approximately. Here's a synopsis.


Young couple purchase a mansion situated on a cliff overlooking ocean. It has a strange history. Once owned by family with a beautiful, very vain, young daughter with a fixation for seeing her own reflection in mirrors all over the house. Too vain to give love or be loved, she grew old and ugly and alone and had all mirrors but one taken down. She kept a large floor mirror that she still saw herself as beautiful in. Memory is hazy as to what exactly happened to her, but strange things happened to subsequent owners of the house. Family loses a little daughter over the cliff into the ocean. Another scary man that figured somehow in the house's past had a hook for a hand.


The young couple who are the main characters of the movie hear all of this history and are not shaken in their desire to own the house. They buy and move in. I remember that the husband is a photographer and after taking photos of the ocean, and developing them himself, is startled to see a ghostly head of a little girl in the center of some of the pictures of the ocean. While shaving one day, the husband is frightened by the reflection of a hook-handed man behind him.


Eventually, a locked door in the attic is discovered and the couple attempts to open it. The husband goes downstairs to get something to help open the door and hears his wife begin to scream. The door has opened into a room filled with all the missing mirrors, and in the center of the room stands the floor mirror with the 'image' of the original owner - old and ugly - reaching out of the mirror, with the wife by the arm, trying to drag her into the mirror. The husband attempts to rescue wife, but as I remember it, another tragedy results.


Does this sound familiar to anyone? Please convince me I didn't dream it up.

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