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I'd to say you were one of the few who did. It seemed to me like the general consensus was 10-2 agin' it. Dobbsey started one of the longer-lived (and at times contentious) threads we've had here about it.


I wouldn't say I was in the for or against camp as it relates to Black Widow.  i.e. there are things I like about the film (e.g. the Heflin and Kruger performances, the overall mystery of the story) and things I didn't (the very poor Rogers performance and the flat, 'not really there' one from Tierney,  and the standard wooden Raft,  too much dialog). 


As for the Heflin scene with Virginia;   That is one odd scene.  Ok,  I get the screenwriter and director wanted to show that a good man like the Heflin character can 'go nuts' due to unfair circumstances,   but the target of his aggression is totally misplaced.   He was a smart man and should have figured out that the roommate was only communicating what she was told by the black widow.

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