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I'm not quite sure if anyone can help with the little info that I am about to give. I saw this movie 3 yrs ago and never got the title or the main characters. I caught the tail-end of this black and white movie with a man who looked like a friend or butler who said to this woman "I've never seen you look as beautiful as you do right now" because she had done something so nice/compassionate. It looked so good to watch from the beginning but I never got the chance.


Others have tried to help thinking it might have been a Bette Davis movie, but I am not familiar with her work to know.


Any help would greatly be appreciated......


Thank you,


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That sounds like the end to Mr. Skeffington. ** SPOILER** an aged Bette Davis is ascending a staircase with her now blind husband ( played by Claude Rains ), and their long time friend at the bottom of the stairs tells her " Fanny, I have never seen you look as beautiful as you do now" to which she responds " A woman is only beautiful when she is loved ". Sound like it? I believe it is now available on DVD.

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