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For tcmprogrammr re Bing Crosby Star of the Month

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OK, right off I know I'm being a complete pain in the butt, however, I have to ask now!


Next month Bing Crosby is the Star of the Month. I've seen all the movies selected several times... The one thing I would really like to see is -




which, I believe is Bing's second earliest performance in Color.


I know it's a short. I know you never know where you'll place shorts. I also know you'd have everybody on this forum writing you if they thought they had direct access to you. So I'm not asking for you to break precedent. Or even respond directly to this post.


I will be paying close attention to all the spaces in between the features listed in the NOW PLAYING Guide to see when it could possibly play. So please take a post-it and put




on it and move it to the head of the line for ONE REEL WONDERS or TCM VAULT selections.


Decemeber is the perfect month to finally show it again!


Apologies for my behavior and


Many thanks in advance -


Yancey Cravat

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The actual date of Bing's birthday has always been questioned but one thing for sure is that 1905 is most definitely wrong.


If anyone else gets wind of STAR NIGHT AT THE COCONUT GROVE playing on TCM please post it.


The Ambassador Hotel where Bing sang and sadly Robert Kennedy was slain is being torn down in parts and renovated as well.



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The Ambassador Hotel where Bing sang and sadly Robert Kennedy was slain is being torn down in parts and renovated as well.>>




Just wanted to let you know that the Ambassador Hotel is being completely torn down.

The Los Angeles Unified School District (after battling with the Los Angeles Conservancy and others in court) is tearing the Hotel down and will build a school on the property.


The only thing that will be saved will be the ceiling of the Coffee Shop which was designed by Paul R. Williams the great architect.


The pantry where RFK was killed will be crated and saved to become part of a museum piece.


At least that's the plan this week.


Lynn in Sherman Oaks

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I was THRILLED to know that Bing would finally be selected as "Star of the Month" - I've always enjoyed this particular feature at TCM. My only disappointment is that it's not consecutive nights at 'reasonable hours' (some of us need to get up early every morning to begin our days!) so that some of the rarer Crosby films could receive a wider viewing. And I was happy to see that not only was the 1905 date corrected on the website, but that Gary Giddins' excellent book on Crosby was featured on the site AND on the air! Thanks, TCM, for featuring Bing - maybe next time you can put together a nice little star-tribute to Bing as is done so deliciously for other 'stars of the month' - ALWAYS appreciate hearing another professional speak of the featured actor! Happy new year!

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Wonderful to see Bing Crosby finally featured as the Star of the Month. His credentials are certainly more than adequate for such an accolade: he was among the Quigley Top Ten box office stars for 15 years, #1 for five consecutive (an achievement that's still unsurpassed), and he was nominated for three Academy Awards, winning for Going My Way in 1944. In an article in the August 4, 2000 issue of Premiere Magazine, Lou Gaul revealed that if you converted the cost of theater tickets from the 30's and 40's to today's cost, the following would be the top male box office stars of all time: 1. Clark Gable. 2. John Wayne. 3. BING CROSBY. 4. James Stewart. 5. Cary Grant. And no less than Frank Capra ranked Bing as one of the finest actors he ever worked with. But for me, his incredibly adept and seemingly effortless performance in Going My Way is enough to make him Star of the Month-worthy. Gary Giddins' excellent "Pocketful Of Dreams...the Early Years" is a must-read for learning about "the forgotten man", Bing Crosby. Kudos to TCM.

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