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can anyne help me find the name of a movie i saw a long time ago. I only remember bits and pieces of this movie but would love to see it again. It is in black and white, during WWII. It is a love story about this very shy, lost woman who falls in love with a vivacious soldier. They have a world wind romance and then he is sent to war. He gives her a coin or she gives it to him i can not remember ... anyways ...the thing i remember the most is the ending where she hears that he is dead and she runs thru the rain and ends up at a cathedral ... she finds the coin ... i know it is all very vague and not nearly enough info.. but it has been years since i saw it and i cant not piece it all together. I figured that someone must have seen and loved this movie ... hoping you can help me ....thank you so much

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I don't remember a coin, but I certainly remember Waterloo Bridge, one of the most beautiful movies ever made with exquisite performances by all of the actors. It's reminiscent of another beautiful movie, A Place in the Sun, in which social class also plays a large part; in both films, the tragedy lies in the fact that there are no villains, and the tragedy could have been avoided if the victims themselves had been able to rise above the gap that ironically the persons "above" them had so genuinely ignored. Oh, wait--the film may begin and end on Waterloo Bridge, where Robert Taylor has found something (a coin?) belonging Vivien Leigh and recalls the story. The New Year's Eve scene, with the gradual dimming of candles, is one of the most beautiful scenes I've ever seen on film.

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